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My Testimony of Salvation
Maria Marinceska       ( Netherlands ) 2009-07-20     Views : 6435     Touched : 677
I believe in the written word of God and in the only true gospel of the being born again by Water and Spirit. I was born in Macedonia were I grown as a Christian bowing in front of a paintings an burning a candles offerings for the dead people. My grandfather was a priest at the time and when I was born he died so a have never met him. He had a lot of books at home from the church and I was very curious about it. Not only that it was a forbidden area for me and my sister and brother. One day I pick up the New testament bible and begin reading it. I have read a gospel of Matthew. I went down to my parent and sad to them there is no sin because lord Jesus has blotted out only thing we need to do is believe and have faith. They look at me like I am a crazy one. I have never understood what all the priests in Macedonia are doing. I came to Holland and there were a lot of churches who does have their own way of worshiping God. I've got more confused by this. As the years past trough t I forgot everything about the gospel. But I know there were two friend they always asked me about god word and their meaning. I was able to give them an answer but I didn't understood the word I was saying. After a lot of years went trough I got verder distend to hell. I started using drugs and alcohol and got divorced. After all this I started going to a church a bit different. Those people convinced me of the existence of God. They testified of the great mercy that God have for us humans. Then I started to read the bible every day. I got hungry and willing to now the truth. I read in the bible about the secret of the gospel and ask them what does it mean they told me that is means the crucifixion of Jesus. I got not satisfied and prayed for god everyday and ask him this It is for me better to be one day in front of your holy place than thousand outside in tent. Please Lord teach me who the holy spirit is. They tried to convince me that speaking in tongs in the sign that you have the holy spirit. I also did so but got no peace and no love and no mercy. It didn't felt right.

One day I went on Internet I searched every page I could find about the holy spirit and came to the book The fail save way to receive the holy spirit. I downloaded it and started to reading it. Those word I could not accept they were to much judging. Everything I have learn was fault. I tough false prophets. I went to the church, all the word of the book came to me. At home I search t the home page of that book and found the book Have you truly been born again of water and The spirit. I know there a lot of verses in the bible that says that you must be born of water and spirit otherwise you Kan not enter the kingdom of heaven. I red few pages of this book and I became a newborn of water and spirit. Because it is as it is written and not something else. I shall testified everywhere I go that this is the true gospel of the water and the spirit the one that the apostles were preaching and I know now the meaning of being baptized in water. It is not my own baptism but the baptism of Jesus The Christ who took all the sins of the word and their iniquities upon him when he was baptized in the river Jordan by John the Baptist and he carried all sins on his shoulders and was crucified in the time of Pontius Pilate and received the judgment of the sins instead of me and paid with his holy blood the wages of the sins instead of me. He arise from the dead in the third day after the crucifixion as it is written in the holy scriptures.(psalms 16,10)

Jesus Christ is God himself and his name means He who will save his people from their sin, the Savior. (acts 4,12)

Jesus Christ was baptized in the river Jordan by John the baptist to fulfill all the righteousness. ( John the baptist was the last one High Pries his father Zacharia and his mother from the stam of Levi who were anoint the Levis to be a priests an ministry the god at his holy pace the tabernacle and be representatives of the people by offering the sacrificed that they must give for their sins and iniquities otherwise they would be judged and must die. Lord had such a love and mercy for their people that he permit to the people to give a sacrifice for all their sins by :

pripering a sacrifice without a blemish

the high priest would put his hand on it and confess all their sins in order to transfer all the sins into the head of the sins offering

the offer will be killed and his blood will be sprinkled over the four horn an over the mercy seat ( seven times) atonation of the sin and when the Lord god have seen the blood they would be forgiven of their sin.

Jesus Christ came to the earth trough the holy spirit and virgin marija en took a human likeness to save us from our sins. He was baptized in the Jordan River by John the baptist to fulfill all the righteousness. He received the judgment instead of me an paid the wages of sin instead of me. By taking the sins upon him at the Jordan river who where transferred to him by john the baptist he has washed me from all my sins so a may enter the holy place it means ones and forever he has done this he has washed me of all my sins the past the present and the future sins. By being crucifed god him self took a judgment instead of me a judgment for all my sins my past present an future sins. By shedding his holy blood on the cross he has payed the wages of all my sins my past present an future sins. ( but not only my sins but the sins of all humankind because John the baptist was the representative of all humankind and he testified Behold the lamb of god who takes the sins of the world upon him.)

After his Crucifixion in the third day after this he arise from the dead and went into the heaven and sits at the right site of God The Father and he will come to judge the living and the dead about their not believing in the fulfilling of the righteousness by God himself and not believing the holy scriptures and not believing the true gospel of being born again of Water and the Spirit.

Dear brother John and all brothers and sisters in Jesus name who are in Korea thank you for your faith and work you are doing there May all you be blessed in the Name of Jesus Christ our Father in the Heaven and may he give you all power and strength all the time, protection an guideness always and every time until the day that he comes.

In Jesus name. Amen.

Sister Marija Marinceska

The New Life Mission
Holland : Branch



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