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  • The righteousness of God
    Olonisakin olamilekan, Nigeria
    • we are saved by righteousness of God (Mathew 3:15)
    • Any Words For Those Who Are Poor In The Spirit?
      Gerarld EGBE
      Not to be ashamed of your life, the gospel of the water and the Spirit, would definitely be a life-long, inscrutable devotion retained. Many thanks Rev. Paul C. Jong. Thank you for your book, "Have you truly been born again of water and the Spirit?" which dust off all my sins while living in pitch-black darkness through the gospel Word of the water and the Spirit. This was the beginning of the end. In contrast to compatriots whom dabbling a lot for a living provided typically inspirational yet uplifting guides and principles contained in principles of success. From the likes of Cameroonian exp
    • The only way one can be cleansed of all sin
      Aneka Simons, UK
      It takes a long time for us to obtain the correct knowledge of our human nature, and there are so many of us who will never find this out until the day they die. In order to truly know ourselves, we must first receive the remission of sins.Sin is inherent in the hearts of all people and it does not go away by trying not to commit sin, being careful or by countering sinful behaviour with God works/repentance prayers.Jeremiah 13:23,"Can the Ethiopian change his skin or the leopard its spots? Then may you also do good who are accustomed to do evil."The only way one can be cleansed of all sin is f
    • These books changed my christian faith.
      Samuel Akpabio, UK
      These books changed my christian faith and enabled me to know that we must walk with God to receive knowledge and revelation of God through understanding the doctrines of Christ which reveals the truth righteousness of God in the law and the prophets and in the parables of God contained in the four gospels of Jesus Christ our Lord and saviour as the Holy Spirit delivers the truth to the  heart of believers of the gospel of the water and the Spirit.Samuel Akpabio, UK
    • The only thing that we can boast in, is the righteousness of God.
      Aneka Simons, UK
      The only thing that we can boast in, is the righteousness of God.We have nothing to boast of with the flesh or with the deeds of the law. (Romans 3:20)Even though human beings are referred to as “the lords of all creation, we are destined to be born sinful, regardless of our wills, live in vain and go to hell for the wages of sin. (Romans 6:23)How transient we are! Many people try to offer their efforts to God with the pride of their deeds and their own righteousness, but their self-righteous egos are like dirty cloths. They may have something to boast to each other or to themselves, bu
      Edouard Theriault, Canada
      A peu près depuis 35 ans que mon frère m’avait invité à aller assister à une rencontre biblique chez lui. J’y suis allé et à Ce temps là j’étais jeune marié et ma femme ne voulait rien savoir de tout ça . Donc pour l’amour de ma femme j’ai arrêté d’y aller mais dans mon cœur j’y pensais toujours. Des années ont passées et j’ai déménagé dans une ville en Ontario qui s’appelle St Catharines. Je me suis ouvert un petit café et de nouveaux monde qui demeuraient dans cette ville depuis longtemps et qui venait de ma place natale ont commencé à venir à mon caf
    • Vença na Palavra
      Alexandre Balotta, Brazil
      O meu povo foi destruído, porque lhe faltou o conhecimento...Oséias 4:6Então foi conduzido Jesus pelo Espírito ao deserto, para ser tentado pelo diabo.E, tendo jejuado quarenta dias e quarenta noites, depois teve fome;E, chegando-se a ele o tentador, disse: Se tu és o Filho de Deus, manda que estas pedras se tornem em pães.Ele, porém, respondendo, disse: Está escrito: Nem só de pão viverá o homem, mas de toda a palavra que sai da boca de Deus.Então o diabo o transportou à cidade santa, e colocou-o sobre o pináculo do templo,E disse-lhe: Se tu és o Filho de Deus, lança-te de aqu
      Eric Aboadwe, Ghana
      Dear Pastor John, when we went to the village this time, a woman who was once a member of the pastor’s church invited us to officiate her wedding which took place in their family house. So I, Brother Paul, and Pastor Chief went there. We also took some of the MISSION BOOKS alongside, and both I and Brother Paul positioned ourselves in one of the tents where people came to us for the Books. In fact, the demand of the BOOKS was high, and therefore we could not meet all demands since they were insufficient. The marriage ceremony was divided into two sections. The 1st part was the Customary
    • Pastor José Galvão, Brasil
      No próximo dia 05 de setembro já estaremos nos mudando para Ubatuba-SP, conforme já havia lhe dito. No novo endereço já foi instalada a "internet", a água e a energia elétrica. Eu esperei instalar a internet para que não ficasse sem a poder utilizar no trabalho.Também estou treinando para a utilização dos programas de gravação e edição de áudio. Eu quero o quanto antes retornar às gravações dos livros. Gravando a partir de casa rapidamente recuperaremos o tempo que a pandemia nos tomou.Estou terminando aqui mais um capítulo do livro 10; a minha esposa e o meu filho mai
    • Pastor: Jorge Denegri, Mexico
      [4/9 8:19 p. m.] ❤️LO DE DIOS ❤️ PERMANECE❤️: May the peace and blessings of God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ be with your life and your family.Maybe you haven't received a letter like this in a long time. But I am writing you this letter from the Bible, knowing that by reading it you will receive a personal Word from your Heavenly Father who loves you with all his might and wants to speak to you to strengthen and bless you. For he has given you all kinds of spiritual blessings in heaven through your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.He wants to bless you in this way because he