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Do All Things For The Glory of God
Gerarld EGBE     [email]    ( Cameroon ) 2019-01-03     Views : 186     Touched : 45
Hello. Any fuss or craziness about this new year? Well it's been worth a wait. It is another new year though your craving should not be to bow before or serve other gods, but rather muster faith in the power of the gospel of the water and the Spirit. That is to say, faith in the baptism of Jesus Christ and the shedding of His blood on the Cross as the only atoning sacrifice for salvation from sins (1 John 5:4-8). It's a must to believe in and stay forthrightly with the Holy Spirit. The Holy God is in fact a dictator whom from one of His statutes that 'you mustn't have no other gods except Me' makes the Lord the most lovable and at the same time the most cherished One.

Usually I was to excuse myself, for some time, from the throng of well-wishers or from any other unparalleled cacophony of events deemed unnecessary and gently move to some space of tranquility and quietness, as the zero hour approached indicating the start of the New Year. Only then will I carefully monitor the separation from the previous year into the new year though the events to be witnessed, peoples to meet and others aren't wholly anticipated.

The inertia of an ordinary day perhaps must be overcome on the new year’s day. Although not too good for uncontrolled consumption (which is typical from where I come from, in line with the festive mood), but when there’s an unmatched difference between this January’s day and some others, I may save a best bet that you’ve got to EAT! Don't get uneasy or commence panicking when another country is already into the new year. However, difference in culture and religions now permits people to celebrate different times of the new year.

Some who this time around must have overheard me whispering about this new year's turnover came pulling me off for yet another exciting discovery of January 1—according to the Gregorian calendric base. Besides the varied flavored mix of eatable and the flavored polluted atmosphere of the GRAs, along as I made a meticulous parade, I could not lose the sight of my own chimney. This time around, it wasn’t a matter of how well or how distant you can see rather how sensitive your nostrils should perform in picking up a particular scent from a considerable distance. My undistinguished scored scent narrowly dragged me to the right source, which was nothing else but my home. Well from the flavor I did create a custom dish with a name tag besides those already once known. With undoubled, non-repeating one footstep after the other I did arrived at my destination even though, at this rate, this systematic movement will become a journey and home will still be even further. So coupled with the prevailing fresh air at some instances I kept trying to prevent the air from altering my guide flavor from becoming fainter and eventually disappearing. There was apparently little to do as the speed of the wind increased, but my systematic moves incredibly increased in every case of a motionless atmosphere.

Even so, some peak dilemmas? Notwithstanding, are you in any case redefining all your conjectures as the new year unfolds? By the way, they are all useless before the Lord. So the only good luck if you are headstrong about and wished to remain with conjecturing as the way forward thus moving towards superstition and shamanism; and this definitely is a path that leads to destruction in hell, first and foremost, while you insist.

Problematic now with such an event is where does your faith lies? In which other gospel other than the gospel of the water and the Spirit do you believe in? Are you truly born again of the gospel of the water and the Spirit? More than are your acts uprightly or not? First things first you ought to be a born again saint of the water and the Spirit (John 3:5). And thus believe in this gospel and stay forthrightly with it as the sole gospel. Then your acts whether mature or immature, great or small, flawed or plausible can only be nurtured when you walk in the Spirit. Just as the Apostle Paul quite frankly put its, "I say then: Walk in the Spirit and you will not fulfill the lusts of the flesh" (Galatians 5:16). All in all, do all things to the glory of God.


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