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Let's continue reading the NLM books!
Yusuke Higashikawa    [email]    ( Japan ) 2020-01-26     Views : 70     Touched : 12
Do you know the process of produced 65 the NLM books in the English? Members of the church of God recorded what Rev. Paul C. Jong said at the worship service with tape from the beginning, re-write those recordings by their hands, typing those sermons to computer, edit those things, and create a Korean book. After that, they made an English book from the Korean book. And then, they translated the English book into multiple languages.

The translated books are all told through his sermons. Those were recorded 20 years ago. And, it is the same even I read now.
Even if you listen to and read the Paul C. Jong's sermons 100 times, it takes a long time to understand its depth. Because there is a difference in the depth of his faith with our faiths. Therefore, it's very important to continue reading the NLM books, not read them once. These books seem to be written the same words, but its depth is very different.

I asked some people in this world, "Do you believe in the NLM book?" Then, some says, "I believe in the Bible, not the NLM book." Some says, "the NLM book is not the Word of God. This book is written by a man. But I read the Bible." In other words, its some says "I'm born again of water and the Spirit and I have the Holy Spirit in my heart. So, I can read the Bible even if there is no the NLM book." What do you think about them? They are ignorance and stupid in spiritually. What will happen to them after all? They become stupid people who believe the Word of God mixing with their own thoughts. Not believing in the guidance of the church of God which is The New Life Mission, is the grave sin in the presence of God.

God built The New Life Mission which is the church of God through His servant. God's Church is based on the Bible. If you deny The New Life Mission which is the church of God, you deny God Himself. This is the same.

Reading the Bible is important, but how can you realize the hidden meanings of God's Word in the Bible without the guidance of God's Church? Faith is more important than knowledge. Knowledge without faith is dead faith and useless. In other words, it's dead faith and useless if you don't believe and act what you learned even if you learned many spiritual things as knowledge.

First of all, have a Faith in God and His Word. Next, action! This is very important. Because faith is related to our daily lives. Do everything by faith. I don't say that you must follow the law of God. Because no one can follow the law of God by flesh and can be saved by His law.

If you believe in God, you would also believe in the guidance of the church of God which is The New Life Mission. We should continue reading the NLM books with the Bible and believe in what was written in the NLM books with all our hearts. Only then you will be led by God through The New Life Mission which is the church of God.

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. Amen.

Co-worker of The New Life Mission
Yusuke Higashikawa


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