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The Elementary Principles of Christ Part 2
Samuel Akpabio    [email]   ( United Kingdom ) 2019-02-22     Views : 94     touched : 32
What Is The Baptism Of Jesus? (Matthew 3:13-17):
We must believe that Jesus took the sins of the world in the baptism which he received from John the Baptist, Matthew 3:15.This baptism meant he bore the sins and the inequities of this world. To understand see Greek's interpretation of the word "Thus" in Matt.3:15; and it means: 1 Just in this way, 2 Most fitting; 3 There is no other way. It was the requirement of God when Jesus came to this earth for him to be baptised to accept the inequities of sinners passed unto him. If we do not believe so, our sins cannot be blotted out.
It is a misunderstanding to think his baptism was to demonstrate his humility; but it bears witness of the truth that he took upon himself the sins of the world, so that he could be the saviour of those who believe this truth. He received in a single instance the sins of the world on his body. The enemy of the gospel seeks to stop people believing this truth so that they do not receive the remission of sins and to lose their eternal life and condemn themselves to hell.

The Baptism of Jesus And The Blood Of The Cross:-

Now I John 5;4-6 tells us that the baptism of Jesus is the work of Salvation for the following reasons:

the baptism of Jesus is the fulfilment of all the righteousness of God by taking the sins of the world upon himself ( being made sinful for the world.); Submersion signified death and emersion signified resurrection.
His baptism is the fulfilment of Leviticus chapter 16, where the sacrificial offering accepted the sins of the people of Israel with the laying on of hands. For this reason Jesus sought John to baptise him because it was fitting to fulfil all righteousness.
To be become the children of God we must believe the baptism of Jesus Christ fukfilled all the righteousness of God.

There is no other way that we can be saved from the wrath of God except to believe in the rightteousness of God which the Lord has fulfilled for the whole world in his baptism. We need to come for the remission of sins from the heart by believing in the baptism of Jesus, because this is the way he was made to shoulder all the sins of the world.


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