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It Was The Beginning of The End
Gerarld EGBE    [email]   ( Cameroon ) 2019-03-21     Views : 88     touched : 31
Not to be ashamed of your life, the gospel of the water and the Spirit, would definitely be a life-long, inscrutable devotion retained. Many thanks Rev. Paul C. Jong. Thank you for your book, "Have you truly been born again of water and the Spirit?" which dust off all my sins while living in pitch-black darkness through the gospel Word of the water and the Spirit. In contrast to compatriots who provided typically inspirational yet uplifting guides and principles contained in principles of success. The latter a principle for a millennium of success indeed, is for me no less than the dust in an unused room.

Beyond just the catalogue of and for success, I came across this catalogue of the New Life Mission (my apologies for not purchasing one) but prepared day in and day out prior to uncovering its great insights, upon going through its front cover and rear pages.

In the latter hours of the days, I went inside a nearby Cultural Center of which I really enjoyed the quietness and space. Along with me was my mind and soul, together with a red-ink pen and 2 sheets of paper—seized to A8 type—so as to be able to fully digest this awesome mix of life’s anecdote. Reading from page to page, chapter after chapter and sermon after sermon I thought at some points it was my name, occupation, and so on being swapped for yet another, but I could quickly and steadfastly continue. This however is because of the scenario, and the advice and concepts, the glorious gospel of the water and the Spirit outlined, were livable stances.

Before learning this amazingly new and life-enriching genuine gospel of the water and the Spirit, I have, for some time now, been putting in plenty of efforts to abide to some of my owned developed circumstances-based hypothesis whenever or wherever deemed necessary. But that was all flawed. However, I continue to pray that this beautiful gospel of the water and the Spirit travel miles to strengthening my faith and knowledge of the almighty God and in mediating in others undertaking, through the powerful Word of the gospel of the water and the Spirit, as already its words keep coming in my silent reveries!

I would recommend that you also peruse Rev. Paul C. Jong's FREE Christian books and electronic books series for You! online available for download on iPad, iPhone and Blackberry and on Kindle e-bookstore (amazon.com) God bless.


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