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Have You Truly Been Born Again of Water and the Spirit ?
Sushanta Kumar Bhatra    [email]   ( India ) 2019-09-22     Views : 168     touched : 41
Greetings to You in the name of our Saviour Jesus Christ!
I, sushanta kumar Bhatra, a small servant of God, first of all thanks to my Saviour God who helped me to get this book. I express my gratitude to dear Paul C. Jong and his team and all the contributors for this special book. The book “HAVE YOU TRULY BEEN BORN AGAIN OF WATER AND THE SPIRIT?” is the book of sermon which can transform the people’s life. Paul C. Jong, the author of this book highlighted the Baptism of Jesus which plays major role in our understanding and receiving the salvation.
This book made me to think and when I read it, it gave me a clear understanding about what really mean “Born Again”. It gave me a broad understanding about Sin, Salvation, Atonement and specially Baptism of Jesus. I understood and also accept that we were sinners and Jesus Christ who came to this world as a perfect and without blemish Lamb for Sacrifice of our sins. One has to believe in the baptism of Jesus, His eternal atonement for all our sins and finally we have to believe in the gospel of Water and spirit, the written Word of God. The testimonies of salvation encouraged me to work more and more to reach more people for Christ. The questions and answers clarified many of my doubts which had before getting this book.
Once again I praise God that God has given me this opportunity to share His Word and I have decided to be a co-worker of this Mission. At last I conclude with sentence of song:
“I am Happy in Lord
Jesus came to me
And washed away my Sins
I am happy in the Lord”

In Christ,
Sushanta Kumar Bhatra


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