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The elementary principles of christ
Evangelist Pama Rene Ndoh    [email]   ( Cameroon ) 2020-01-27     Views : 73     touched : 15
After reading the book titled the elementary principles of christ, I learn so much that I wish to share with the public. For many years we have been singing the apostles screed without knowing the true meaning. In this books the screed is well explained. It is introduced with the name and nature of God. Deuteronomy 6:4 says that oh ireal the Lord our God is one. In Exodus 3:14 he is the I AM THAT I AM. this shows that he has the nature of self existance. Thou God might seam to be many he remains one God. In Genesis 11:7 he said let us go down and confuse the language of man. This statement can only be well understood when we read Matthew 28:18-20. God the Father, son, and holy spirit stand for the one God who created the universe. In 1john 5:6-8 the Bible says that there are three in heaven that bear witness. The father, the word and the holy Spirit and all these three are one. This shows that our God is one. This one and only God is also called Yaweh.

Many religions have their own names that they have have given to man made religions. Such has budeism call their God BUDDHA. all these religions can not save.

It is only believing in the God of the Christian religion that gives life. And for one to fully have this believe and the promised life, you must believe in the gosple of water and the spirit which was introduced by our Lord and savior Jesus. When John did not want to baptize him he said do this for all rightousnes to be fulfill.

It is good to let the whole world know that we have only one God called, yaweh, Jesus the savior or the holy spirit.


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