English 34

  • ㆍISBN : 8983143940
  • ㆍPages : 449

Exegesis on The Book of ROMANS (Ⅰ)

Paul C. Jong

The righteousness of God is transparent. God's righteousness cannot be substituted by anything. That is because His righteousness is different from the righteousness of man. We need to know what God's righteousness is, and we need to believe in it. God's righteousness is fundamentally different from human righteousness. The righteousness of mankind is like a filthy rag, but the righteousness of God is like a brilliant pearl shining forever. God's righteousness is the Truth that is absolutely needed by every sinner, transcending all ages. Our faith in the righteousness of God must be one that can be verified in the Word of Truth. Do you believe in the righteousness of God that is absolutely indispensable in these end times when the Lord's return is imminent? Do you want to believe in the perfect righteousness of God within the Word of Truth and meet the Lord? Have you ever met God's righteousness? You need to realize that God's righteousness is found in Jesus who worked in the gospel of the water and the Spirit. You must meet Jesus, who has become God's perfect righteousness, and you must believe in Him.
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