Messages from Coworkers
  • Approaching the Scriptures
    Robert Flynn
    • Greetings to the brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. As we each increase in our knowledge in the true faith, we may find that many things we believe to be true may have no bearing on our salvation, but we find ourselves bickering over them quite often.  Confrontations over silly issues often become heated debates.  We're always fine-tuning ourselves, so we need to give each other a little room to do that.  By approaching the Scriptures with a previous belief system, many think they find proof of what they believe in Scripture. But, we should let the
      Samuel Akpabio
      The gospel of our Lord jesus christ in jn.3:5 is the ultimate destructive power against all the devices of Satan, when we come to understand the discourse between Our Saviour God and John the Baptist in the Jordan River of death. The word of God says "Jesus answered, verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the Kingdom of God." Let us look at the Baptism of our Lor God Jesus:- 1.  When the last High priest of the old testament laid his hands on Jesus the sins of the World was transffered unto Jesus Christ. 2. His e
    • Spreading the Gospel of Water and the Spirit on the Streets of Karachi
      Stephen Benjamin
      Praise the Lord Jesus Christ who is roots of all Blessings to Human kind. I yearn to share the ministry work with all saint of God  about what is going on in Karachi by preaching and spreading the the Gospel of Water and the Spirit . In Karachi Christianity has made ceaseless effort to follow the Lord Jesus Christ but no body who has been followed or believe the Gospel of Water and the Spirit in these days as I feel and my heart is in burden to see the countless people are dying in hunger and thirst not knowing where the fountain of life is and have lack of knowledge of God Love. 
      ARISE & COME TO JESUS  Arise and come to Jesus The one who came by water & blood To save you from the judgment like that of Noah’s great flood  He calls to you today  To lead you into a best way  He gave His all with love untold  To bring you safe into the sheepfold  With arms outstretched to welcome you home  The place where you belong. Now arise and come to Jesus As He calls to you today  Now arise and come to Jesus Let His love take control  For He is all you need to know  He will meet you where you are 
    • "PRAY FOR ONE ANOTHER" (James 5:16b)
      James 5:16b says we should pray for one another. There is also a verse in the same chapter which says that the prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective. Against the above background, we who have been born again of water and the Spirit are the only ones who can pray for other people's problems, with those problems getting solved.  How far are we the born again saints praying for other peoples? There are people out there, whose prayers can't be answered. There are people who are not righteous out there. As much as they try to pray themselves, their prayers just can'
    • The Cultural Mandate in the Gospel of Water and the Spirit:
      James Anthony
      When we read the Bible in Genesis 1:26 it tells us God is in the Holy Trinity. God father who planed the salvation of the human beings, Jesus who fulfille the will of God to save people , and the Holy Spirit to guide and help christians to accept the will of God in their lives. The will of the Holy Trinity for human beings is to save all people. God created mankind and other creatures in His Holy trinity also all people become saved through the will of God in His trinity. Man was lost since Adam failed to listen to God. Salvation shows how people are lost but valuable before God in nature.
    • La perfeccion en Cristo
      Mucho se discute si realmente somos santos o no ,que si tenemos pecado no somos salvos , pero que si somos santos mentimos, en fin muchas explicaciones como esas, no obstantes nosotros, cada uno de los colaboradore sy nacidos de nuevo por el bello evangelio sabemos que SOMOS SANTOS pero por nosotros mismos jamas, llegamos a ser santos por la fe porque Cristo tomo nuetsro lugar en plenitud y no parcial, pagando asi el , por nuestros pecados , es decir pago el lo que nosotros debiesemos pagar, osea ahora al creer eso y haceptarlo por su bautismo en el Jordan y la sangre en la cruz . ALELUYA, SI
      The cover of this book carries a heavy title question that has been shunned for long by many theologians and religionists, i.e. Have you truly been born again of water and the Spirit? The book answers this question and further simplifies it for every truth-seeker to understand. Being the maiden book in the series, it sets the tone for all the sequential writings of Paul C. Jong. The preface of this book has been written by the hand of God to touch every soul and moisten it with the refreshing waters springing from the true gospel.   We have bought many Christian books for huge some
    • My Testimony of Salvation
      Maria Marinceska
      I believe in the written word of God and in the only true gospel of the being born again by Water and Spirit. I was born in Macedonia were I grown as a Christian bowing in front of a paintings an burning a candles offerings for the dead people. My grandfather was a priest at the time and when I was born he died so a have never met him. He had a lot of books at home from the church and I was very curious about it. Not only that it was a forbidden area for me and my sister and brother. One day I pick up the New testament bible and begin reading it. I have read a gospel of Matthew. I went down to
    • We are Todays' Generations Noah.
      Greetings to you all in the name of God The Holy Trinity. Hallelujah. Praise the Lord! God bestowed us this moment to share and fellowship in The Gospel of Water & The Spirit. Amen Today as usual I would like to share on the book review on “Be a Gospel Witness who saves the human race from destruction- Sermons on Genesis VI”. Glad to be here with you brethrens to share The Gospel and if I am immature and in error in the review do forgive me and correct me for glory of God. Amen The above book is full of God’s Plan for salvation of mankind in the Gospel of Wate