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Robert Flynn

Search my Heart oh Lord

My basic purpose in "documenting" my personal spiritual understanding (acquired and developed over a long period of time) is simply to express myself, for my own "reflection", and satisfaction.... and to share my thoughts and "conclusions" with those individuals who have and are seeking salvation through the Water and the Spirit.

I never "argue" or debate "religious" (spiritual) issues. In certain parts of this website, I am simply expressing and sharing my own personal "deciphering".

My purpose was, and is, to spread the word of salvation through the Water and the Spirit as taught throughout the bible. Rather than to "select", and to "accept", and to rely upon the claims of one-or-the-other of the world's innumerable frozen "religions".... to dictate to me the "conclusions" which other-humans have adamantly decided to be "the truth".... "the one way".... the "only" way.... to acceptance by Almighty Yahweh.

My spiritual searching, and my ongoing studies, and my personal contemplation, and my prayers.... led me to a degree of "spiritual" satisfaction, which I decided to write down as I am moved.

I do hope that our Creator has directed me in my studies, and in my "deciphering".... and in my written portrayal of that which I consider to be "spiritually correct".

If anything I compose (or quote) is beneficial to a reader who may be "searching" (as most of us humans are) for further spiritual understanding of being born again (anew)..... I am delighted to be able to share my thoughts, and my beliefs.

I do hope that there are those who will read my thoughts and "conclusions", as expressed by my writings -- but my purpose is not to proselytize, or to "build temples", or to argue rigid "religious" principles.

My purpose is to share the sought after salvation that the Lord has given us through His baptism, crucifixion and ascension into heaven. If just one person finds salvation through these writings (or quotations) and seeks true forgiveness of their sins, this website will have served its purpose and the angels will rejoice as another soul has been written in the “Book of Life.” Those whose name is written in the "Book of Life” are all who are marked out for salvation through their faith in Christ.      

We as believers have accepted what Jesus has done for us, praise His name…Amen