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Jerin Rajan

Know God Personally

God bless NLM and all believers. I would like to share an incident of good faith towards God.


Its a been a few years since I started believing in the truth and been reading the book from NLM. During my initial stages of faith development, I realised the truth like all born again saints. I loved reading the books from NLM, really shining out the truth, but my faith used to keep going Up and Down.


Just like the times I was when I was not a born again. The books from NLM and the Word of God kept telling me that God forgave all my Sins. I just needed to believe in baptism and curxification equally.


Yes, I did, but what I forgot was to keep up my faith. I was a born again, a saint. But because of my Lack of proper Faith I failed to love God constantly.

Even the best spiritual believers face ups and downs, but I was fixed in the down area of depression.


Later at some point I asked myself what difference has NLM brought in my life?

Earlier I used to commit sins and when I did not sin, I found it easy to believe in Jesus. After meeting NLM and reading the books I learned a lot of new things on the Word of God. But I was in the same situations of sin I could not face God when I sinned.


I failed to realize the truth even when the truth was right in front of me. Its not surprising how truth of Word of God gets misplaced by our fleshy thoughts, because for 15 years I have been reading the bible and could not realize the importance of Baptism until meeting NLM.


Soon afterwards I came to realize that God had forgiven all the sins of the world and that I would commit sins till my death. I learned that my heart could be tuned towards God, and my flesh was dipped in sin waiting for death. By believing in the proper truth I could face God with courage, knowing with peace of mind that I am clean at Heart and God would surely judge me accordingly.


It took me some time to realize the truth, but all that time God was guiding me to the truth because I was seeking for it. I could serve God in the midst of my weakness of flesh and the purity of my Heart. God also showed me the verses were Paul said the same.


All this is possible with unending faith in the Gospel of Water and Spirit.

Many times when I read the books of Rev. Paul.C.Jong I see him writing of his own personal experiences. I feel like looking into a mirror, because those incidents are common for born again saints.


 I have learned that I should keep away from my own thoughts

 I learned that I should follow only Gods Righteousness

 Constant faith is important because we are Weak

 If I know the Truth of Salvation correctly God will always Help me.


I felt i should share this incident with all believers especially who are new to the Gospel of Water and Spirit.


God Bless NLM and all coworkers

Jerin Rajan, India