Messages from Coworkers

John Elmer S. Baticuang Jr.

GOD's Answer


 My message would take short only.

 When I was applying as coworker of The New Life Mission, I kept on praying to the LORD to give me a sign if He really wants me to serve Him in spreading His Word & discipling people.

 One day, a day which I did not expect, when I viewed my e-mail add., I've had a message from The New Life Mission saying that my application in becoming their coworker has been granted. I was really so happy that time. I knew that it was already the answer of the LORD to my prayers. That's why, even I'm busy with my schooling, I still give more than 1/2 of my time to the LORD in serving Him & spreading His Word especially the gospel of the Water & the Spirit. Praise the LORD! Amen.

 P.S. Thanks for viewing! GOD bless!=)