Messages from Coworkers



The past several weeks have been dominated with the issue of persecution, which was effected on one of our coworkers, Pastor Jean-Pierre Kitampala, in Denmak. After some wicked people in Denmak closed the Church that he had opened there, and persecuted him, he was forced to move to France (Paris). Many coworkers have responded to this unfortunate act by writing a petition to condemn persecution of born again saints. Some, including Reverend John Shin, the General Secretary of the NLM, wrote to Pastor Kitampala, encouraging him to remain steadfast in preaching the gospel of the water and the Spirit. I am quite sure that the messages of encouragement we sent to him gave strength to his knees. 

However, ever since that incident, we did not hear anything from Pastor Kitampala. Sister Patricia Ayemou has been writing to me regularly telling me that she hasn't heard anything from Pastor Kitampala. I am sure she was worried just as the rest of us were.

I am happy to inform you that Pastor Kitampala finally broke his silence. He wrote to me, few days ago, and he is in good spirits. This is what he had to say:

"I great all co-workers in the name of Jesus-Christ.

I wanted to inform you that since last January, I left Denmark to France(Paris) where I want to begin again the work of God in preaching the Gospel of water and the Spirit. Danmark's authorities has closed the church I had opened in their country because I was preaching the Gospel of Water and the Holy Spirit. Let's pray for this job we have received from God.

My phone number is 0033647748926.

May God bless you.

pastor Jean-pierre"

Like Pastor Kitampala has said, let's all pray for this job we have received from God. Let us pray for him too.

Yours in His Vineyard

Clemence Machadu