Messages from Coworkers

Ev. James Anthony Makulla

We are saved by the Righteousness of God :( Rom 3:1-31)

The Apostle Paul says that man never be righteous and are caught in the loop or snare of sins. God saved sinners from their sins through His love and compassion to them. Every person is in need of God's perfect love because we cannot escape sinning in our daily lives. The absolute love of Jesus saved us. God wills to save people through His free grace and mercy as He has gifted us redemption through His own begotten son, Jesus Messiah.

  The being saved of Paul and other christians who believe in the gospel of Water and the Spirit is obligaded to God's righteousness. His righteousness means He saved all sinners from their sins. But they are responsible to believe in the gospel of Water and the Spirit to possess the righteousness of God as Paul recognizes and specifies that the only way to be saved is putting faith in the trully gospel of Water and rhe Spirit. Christians should know that the righteousness of God is exposed in the gospel of Water and the Spirit. The salvation of the human beings is relieds on the God's righteousness He had pretended to us. Therefore, faith in Christ is the channel of our salvation. Those who are not yet believed in the gospel of Water and the Spirit should realize that good deeds are not the way to become God's children who will inherit His everlasting kingdom. 

  The Apostle Paul emphasizes that the righteousness of God is not the means for christians to do sins on purpose but it is the divine power to offers them salvation which is in past, present and future. Christians have power to defeat satan because they are righteousness of God. But other people turn up going to destruction by trying to do good deeds without making sure that they receive the righteousness of God. They must remorse, regreting and changing from their evil ways. The only way of being saved and escape going to hell is to repent their sins and become converted and surrendered in the salvation of God gave them through the gospel of Water and the Spirit.

  There is no anyone who can do good deeds and please God. And the deliverence from all sins comes when we dedicate ourselves to be the new creatures in Christ ( 2Corinthians 5:17) .The proper Psychological term says that " If you become able to change men's thoughts you will be able to change their lifestyle" How? through the righteousness of God. Apostle Paul addresses that he was saved by faith. But people think that salvation is obtained by deeds. We should'nt boast of our salvation because it is God's divine work for us to have the perfect remission of sins. Instead we should boast only of God's righteousness and let it be exalted.

  However, the legalistics think that believing in Jesus is not only enough, so, they might do good deeds to go to heaven and if they don't do good deeds they will go to hell. This is incorect thoughts. We should'nt add deeds onto our faiths, but we must believe in the righteousness of God, the baptism of Jesus and His death on the Cross to inherit the Kingdom of God.

  Blessed be to The New Life Mission and those who believe in The gospel of Water and the Spirit and preach this trully and precious gospel because they are righteousness of God who are going to Heaven.  

In Christ, 

J. A. Makulla.