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Nealson Ngi Adoh

Two kinds of certificates will be presented to God on the last day.

Greetings to all the beloved saints of the only true gospel God gave to mankind. I am glad to express my heart in the love of the truth. I tittled this message that, two kinds of certificates will be presented to God on the last day for this reason. Today christians always talk about being born again. But of what are they born again of? Their being born again ends at John 3,3 and they never understand John 3,5. But how will it look like on the last day while everyone will be presenting to God what is in their hearts. Surprisingly, everybody who claimed to believe in Jesus as Lord and saviour will have a certificate with the tittle as 'BORN AGAIN', but shockingly, one of the certificates though tittled born again will have no valid identification becuase there is no substance on it. On the other hand, those who are born agaian of water and the spirits' certificate will be valid becuase of the substance found on it being 'water and spirit'. It is equivilent to saying we all attend high school and will want to enroll into the university after we obtain our high school grade certificates. When we are to be admitted into any university, the first thing the university authorities will ask is our high school grade certicate, after which they will cross check to see the school where you obtianed it or the center number where you wrote the high school grade certificate. Just imagin that you are the university authority and on checking the certificates, you come across a certicate bearing the title HIGH SCHOOL LEAVING CERTIFICATE, but on checking the school attended or center number, you find the space empty (vague). Now when you come across such a certificate, though having the title like every other high school certificate can't be validated like certificates with the title and school attended.The certificate without a school attended or centre number will be a fake. This will be the same thing that will happen to those who think they are born again without knowing and believing in the gospel of the water and the spirit. No one will be allowed to enter heaven without being born again of water and spirit (John 3,5). So please it is high time we go out in our numbers as the born again of the water and spirit and teach the world this wonderful truth that is indespensable for everyone to listen and believe. Romans 10,17 says unless we preach to them, how will they hear and believe. It is high time we tell love ones, freinds, relatives and all you can reach to and let everyone know this beautiful gospel of the water and the spirit.

Thank you all for your wonderful encouragement messages on the co workers blog. Let's keep encouraging one another in the faith. 

God bless you all in Jesus name.Amen

Nealson Ngi Adoh

Co worker, Cameroon