Messages from Coworkers

Roshan Rai




The grace is real! 

The grace is real!

For this heavenly feeling of being sinless 

And leading the life of righteous 

Is really amazing,

For these feelings the words can’t tell

Even if one tries the feelings to describe  

This heavenly blessing, the mouth shall fail.

Hallelujah ! To our God The Holy Trinity hallowed 

Be Thy Name

And glory for eternity.

If it wasn’t for your grace?

I would have been in spiritual furnace.

O Jesus Christ my Savior

Thank you for being ever there,

Forever & forevermore.

Thank you for your Righteousness

That you gifted us,

Out of the utter darkness

You rescued us from curse,

From the fire of very hell.

Yes this is salvation!

Yes this is salvation!

I can declare well,

Hear me when I tell

For this is very real.

Thank you Jesus Christ

Thank you for Your Water & Blood

That you shed for us on that cruel cross,

When with spear, Roman soldier pierced

And You saved us from the curse.

Lord Thank you for your Water-

The Baptism you received

From your very servant John,

Elijah who’d come.

Lord for in your Baptism,

You fulfilled the Righteousness of God.

As The Very Unblemished Lamb of God

You shouldered the sins of the world,

Past Present & Future in River Jordan,

From the very Adam to the very last man

Led us thru the River Jordan to The Spiritual Canaan-

From this corrupted world to Heavenly Eternal Kingdom.

Lord thank you for your blood,

That you shed for us on that cruel cross.

You paid the debts of sins- 

The sins that you shouldered

Thru Your baptism in River Jordan.

Lord thank you for Your Holy Spirit 

That You now let us be with. 

For by the power of The Holy Spirit 

You gave us victory:

The victory in Your resurrection.

Thus completed our Salvation,

By Your Water & Blood,

Witnessed by the Holy Spirit

And Our Father in Heaven.

Thank you Jesus Christ: My Saviour

O King, High Priest & Prophet.

Your sacrifice I cannot forget or regret

But I acknowledge your Water & Blood 

And I humbly accept

For in it is the is the power of God for salvation

To everyone who believes,

To the Jew first and also to the Greek.

Thank you O Our Father My Creator

For sending your One & Only Begotten Son for us- the weak.

Thank you Holy Spirit, my Comforter,

For revealing us the Will of God Our Father

Thru His One & Only Begotten Son:

That He wills for Mankind’s Salvation

Witnessed by The Holy Spirit & God Our Father 

In The Gospel of Water & the Spirit

As declared by Jesus Christ our Saviour in John Three: Five

"Truly, truly, I say to you, unless one is born of water and the Spirit,

he cannot enter the kingdom of God.”

Hallelujah, Amen

Evangelist Roshan