Messages from Coworkers

Ezekiel kirwa

A new being in Christ

The best thing I have learnt is to discern the will of the Lord in my  life. The first step to discerning God's will is to understand deeply the meaning of the baptism of Jesus and his cross. Jesus taught his disciples on how to pray in Luke 11:1-13.This was the first step in discerning God's will in their life.A Christian without prayer is like that house built on sand and the wind may sway it away at any moment. Luke 11:9-13, has three prerequisites for discerning God's will. That is,Ask,Seek and knock. If you seek,you shall find if you ask it shall be given to you and if you knock,the door shall be opened for you to get in and share with the Lord. Revelation 3:20 records  that, " Behold, am standing on the door knocking, of anyone hears my voice and opens the door for me I will get in and dine with him." For one to live a life that is Godly driven,he must be ready to listen to the voice of the Lord. In many occasions Christ has wanted to speak to us about his will but we have kept on paying attention to other voice emanating from the devil who is a lier.

Learn to discern God's will by lessening to the true voice from God.