Messages from Coworkers

Pastor Jim Montgomerie

Is there anyone out there who is really hungry?

Come and eat at My table.

God’s word tells us that we need to find the narrow path and to walk in it. God’s word also tells us that very few will be able to find it.  I just can't figure that one out, because Gods word also tells us that it does not matter how narrow  the path might be, it's wide enough for the whole world to fit in. Has He not told us to spread the Gospel of the water and the Spirit to the ends of the world.

It's funny really the way so many people try to explain Gods written word without the leadership of the Holy Spirit. God’s word tells us that the Holy spirit will remind us of everything that Jesus ever taught us. As the Holy Spirit has convinced us that Jesus is God Himself, then this means everything from Geneses Chapter 1:1 all the way through to Revelation 22:21.

In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. The grace of our lord Jesus Christ be with you all. A- men.  

The beginning and the end, the first and the last, the Alpha and the Omega.

From day one, God has been inviting everyone to come and eat at His table which He has prepared for us, but how many have refused to accept His invitation.

There has always been enough food and drink for everyone. God’s word has been described as the water of life and food for the soul.  But if you don’t know what someone is offering you to eat and drink, how do you know what it will do to you.

God created us and His Grace has always been and always will be with us. God has always tried to guide the world onto that narrow path from the beginning of time.  Even today He is still inviting us to come and eat with Him at His Father’s table, but still so many refuse to come.  Why?   Satan has convinced them that what he has to offer tastes much better.  Just look at the number of people who would rather eat from the pleasures of this world than at the Table of our Lord.

When all of the restaurants are closed in the middle of the night, and you suddenly get hungry, then you have a problem.  Let me tell you, one of these days you will become so hungry and thirsty that you will be begging for food and drink, but if Gods restaurant is closed, then you have a real problem. 

When God closes His doors, they won't be opening again, it will be too late, you will never be able to taste how delicious the feast would have been that God had prepared for you.

If only you had eaten what God had offered you while it was still available. 

It's not too late, Gods restaurant is still open 24/7, He has not closed the doors yet. Only He knows when, He has already set the date and the time.


What's more, everything you can eat and drink is for free, Jesus has already picked up the tab for you when He was Baptized in the Jordan river, and He paid off all your debts with His precious Blood on His Cross.

John 1:29.    Behold the Lamb of God, which taketh away the sin of the world.

If Gods restaurant is still open, what's on the menu.?         Let me tell you.

The Gospel of the Water and of the Spirit and the Blood on the Cross, this is what the world needs to eat and drink, this is the life giving water and the food for the soul which has always been served in Gods restaurant.  This is the food and drink which ensures that you will receive eternal life.  Do you know the name of Gods restaurant today.  You guessed it.   The New Life Mission.

So come on down, there's enough room for everyone, and you don’t even need to make a reservation.

Jim Montgomerie

Pastor &  Evangelist

The New Life Mission

Holland : Branch