Messages from Coworkers

Eric Aboadwe, Ghana


Dear Pastor John, when we went to the village this time, a woman who was once a member of the pastor’s church invited us to officiate her wedding which took place in their family house. So I, Brother Paul, and Pastor Chief went there. We also took some of the MISSION BOOKS alongside, and both I and Brother Paul positioned ourselves in one of the tents where people came to us for the Books. In fact, the demand of the BOOKS was high, and therefore we could not meet all demands since they were insufficient. 

The marriage ceremony was divided into two sections. The 1st part was the Customary Marriage which was officiated by Pastor Chief. The 2nd Part was the Wedding or the Blessing as some people call it. I was also the one who officiated the latter where I gave a sermon about humans can become God’s “WIFE” or the “BRIDE” of Christ through  His righteous works by the water, blood, and the Spirit of Jesus Christ which qualifies us to become God’s “WIFE” just as He told us, “For your Maker is your HUSBAND, the LORD of hosts is His name” (Isaiah 54:5).

Unfortunately, when Pastor Chief was officiating the Customary Marriage and I was also officiated the Wedding or Blessing, it did not even come into our minds to take pictures. So we did not take any photo during these two ceremonies because as I have been saying, that sometimes our mind is not on taking photos, but doing the work itself which is the preaching of the true gospel. 

Also in the two photos which is down below this message, the man who is sitting next to me on my left or in the middle is a medical doctor who attends Light House Chapel International. He is an old friend of Pastor Chief. So he invited him to come to the house so that we can use that opportunity to introduce the true gospel to him.  

However, this doctor’s mind is actually corrupted to the core. In addition, he was not humble at all, but “too know.” Yet upon all these, when we asked him simple biblical QUESTIONS, he will say things like, “I cannot answer that.” And sometimes he will say, “I don’t know how I to answer your question.” Then other times too he will say, “May be we are speaking the same thing, but from a different angle.”  

There are many people like that in Christendom who are so BLIND with their conscience seared with a hot iron (1 Timothy 4:2). We could therefore see that his mind is corrupted with philosophy, human theology, and the religion of this world. Such people are the ones of whom the Apostle Paul told us, “Beware, lest anyone cheat you through PHILOSOPHY and empty DECEIT, according to the TRADITION of men, according to the basic PRINCIPLES of the world, and not according to Christ” (Colossians 2:8).  

That was the exact situation for this medical doctor who has become a victim of human “PHILOSOPHY” and “empty DECIET” which is according to the “TRADITION of men.” But we pray that he will read the Mission Book which Pastor Chief gave to him, and that he will deny his own thoughts. 

But the GOOD NEWS is that there is an old man in the house whose son is also working in the medical field as a nurse. This nurse also came for the wedding and to visit his father who stays in the same family house where we have been accommodated. So whiles the nurse and his brother were sitting there conversing, Brother Paul suggested to me saying, “Brother Eric, these people are sitting there idle for nothing. Why don’t we approach them and preach the gospel to them.” So I and Brother Paul went to them to preach the gospel. 

And after explaining the gospel to them in detail using the SACRIFICIAL SYSTEM banner, this nurse was full of JOY, and he told us plainly that now he knows that he is also a “RIGHTEOUS” person and he is not a sinner anymore. He could not even sit down, but he rose up and told us, “I have seen a change within me, and I am very happy for coming here today.” He also told us clearly that it is God who made him to come there and meet us. In fact, there are other things which he said and which shows clearly that he has truly been TRANSFORMED by the Word of the gospel.  

I just can describe in words what happened on that Sunday. Brother Paul and I, Pastor Chief, Sister Lydia, Kofi, and Nana Adjei were all HAPPY for this nurse because we could see that he has embraced the gospel whole-heatedly, and he himself testified that this is the true and the genuine gospel that saves. We even shouting with him and REJOICING together with him. I wish we had a recorded video on his reaction and our reaction after he believed in the gospel last Sunday. It also pains me that we didn’t to take pictures with him. And this was because our mind was not simply on taking pictures, but in the REJOICING. Hallelujah! 

Let us keep him in our prayers even as we also keep on greeting in touch with him and encouraging him in his new “FAITH” which established in the “RIGHTEOUSNESS” of God through the gospel of the water and the Spirit. 

Glory be to the LORD Jesus Christ our eternal Savior! 

Eric Aboadwe, Ghana