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Aneka Simons, UK

The only thing that we can boast in, is the righteousness of God.

The only thing that we can boast in, is the righteousness of God.

We have nothing to boast of with the flesh or with the deeds of the law. (Romans 3:20)

Even though human beings are referred to as “the lords of all creation, we are destined to be born sinful, regardless of our wills, live in vain and go to hell for the wages of sin. (Romans 6:23)

How transient we are! 

Many people try to offer their efforts to God with the pride of their deeds and their own righteousness, but their self-righteous egos are like dirty cloths. They may have something to boast to each other or to themselves, but nothing before God.

However we are thankful and can praise the Lord for being baptized by John the Baptist and for washing away all the sins of the world to fulfill all righteousness. (Matthew 3:15)

The Lord saved all the people in the world from their sins without leaving one person out. Everyone's sins were taken away from us when Jesus received His baptism & were attoned for when Jesus was crucified. Everyone now has the choice to receive new born again life because Jesus rose from the dead.

In this heavenly knowledge only can we boast. 

Do you believe in and boast of the gospel of the water and the Spirit from God? 

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Aneka Simons, UK