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Phil Grahn, Australia

How can sinners become the followers of Christ who is sinless?

I posed this question to a large congregation today.

'How can sinners become the followers of Christ who is sinless?'

They answered. 'We are sinners like anyone else. No one is righteous. But we are forgiven.'

They could not answer the question posed to them, but with guilty consciences admitted that they will always be defiled sinners. But how can you be forgiven and still remain in your sin, makes no sense?

The only reason Christians remain in their sin is because they were taught a gospel that EXCLUDES the righteousness of God. Such a gospel is rife among Christians.

But when they realize how they were duped and cast away their thoughts, and, meet the true gospel which reveals the righteousness of God we are preaching, then only will they be made sinless and righteous at once. Its really not that hard but for their thoughts.

Many believers around the globe are waking up, as from a swoon, casting away their dodgy faith and thoughts, and, coming to know this gospel that reveals the righteousness of God, the majestic gospel which has been laying in the Bible forever, but they were too blind to see it.

God is making it possible for every person on the earth to meet this glorious gospel, and its for absolutely Free, even shipping. He is causing miracle upon miracle.

Why not shake off that which is holding you back, and join us in Gods Holy Church?

Phil Grahn, Australia