" Kow padha olh tanpa nganggo mbayar gunakna tanpa nganggo bayaran " (Matius 10:8)

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Apakah Jaman Antikristus, Kemartiran, Pengangkatan
Dan Kerajaan Seribu Tahun Sedang Datang? ( II )

- Tafsiran dan Khotbah dari Kitab Wahyu

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Tafsiran dan Khotbah dari Kitab Wahyu


Most Christians today believe in the theory of pre-tribulation rapture. Because they believe in this false doctrine teaching them that they would be lifted before the coming of the Great Tribulation of seven years, they are leading idle religious lives steeped in complacency.
But the rapture of the saints will occur only after the plagues of the seven trumpets run their course until the sixth plague is all poured-that is, the rapture will happen after the Antichrist emerges amidst global chaos and the born-again saints are martyred, and when the seventh trumpet is blown. It is at this time that Jesus would descend from heaven, and the resurrection and rapture of the born-again saints would occur (1 Thessalonians 4:16-17).
On this day, everyone in this world would be standing on a crossroad of his/her eternal fate. The righteous who were born again by believing in the "gospel of the water and the Spirit" will be resurrected and raptured, and thus become heirs to the Millennial Kingdom and the eternal Kingdom of Heaven, but the sinners who were unable to participate in this first resurrection will face the great punishment of the seven bowls poured by God and be cast into the eternal fire of hell.
Therefore, you must now come out of all the false doctrines of religions and the lust and confused values of this world, and enter into the true Word of God. I hope and pray that by reading my series on the gospel of the water and the Spirit, you would all be bestowed with the blessing of having all your sins washed away, and of receiving the second coming of our Lord without fear.

Catatan dari Penerbit

In the first volume on the Book of Wahyu, the author wrote that God has planned seven eras in His Providence, that the era of the pale horse would be fast approaching us, and that people would suffer greatly under the tyranny of the Antichrist; but the born-again saints would be able to overcome him and attain the Millennial Kingdom and the New Heaven and Earth through their genuine faith given by God.
With this sequel volume, you will be able to discover the correct and detailed knowledge on the Word of the remaining parts of Wahyu, from PASAL 8 to 22.
The author advises you to have strong faith in the truth that all the prophecies of Wahyu will be literally realized: There will soon be the plagues of the seven trumpets; the emergence of the Antichrist; the massive martyrdom of the saints by the Antichrist; the resurrection and the rapture of the born-again saints in the middle of the Great Tribulation; the plagues of the seven bowls pouring upon the enemies of God; the coming of the Millennial Kingdom; the second resurrection of the sinners for their eternal punishment; the saints' dwelling with God in the eternal Kingdom of Heaven.
Among these things to come, the rapture of the saints must be a matter of concern for all Christians. When will it indeed happen, and who will certainly participate in this blessing?

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