Pastor Jim Montgomerie, Netherlands

Jesus Heals a Deaf Mute

Just the other day while my wife and I were distributing our Books in Rotterdam we came across a very distraught man. Eventually he told us why he was in this state, he said his wife was in hospital in the intensive care unit where she was being treated for cancer. To make matters worse he told us that she was also a deaf mute.

Trying to offer the gospel of the water and the Spirit to this man at this moment in time seemed a bit futile, he was polite but said, under his circumstances he had lost any faith which he had. As it turned out he and his wife were long time Church attenders, but as his wife’s illness progressed his Church Pastor and a few of the Elders began to keep their distance from them, saying they were in Gods hands and that they could do nothing more for them. It sure sounded like God was the last thing on their minds.

After we heard this mans story we told him that God was above his circumstances and proceeded to tell him about how Jesus had healed the deaf mute and how it happened. The deaf mute was brought to Jesus and they begged Him to put His hand on him (Mark 7:32-37). We then explained the contents of (Mark 7:20-23) to him and compared this to his wife’s condition. We then explained to him the Baptism of Jesus received from John and the true meaning of what happens to a person when they become truly born again of the water and the Spirit (John 3:3,5).

While we were explaining the Gospel of the water and the Spirit to him we could see this mans face and eyes light up.. By the time we were finished explaining to him why God had chosen John to Baptize Jesus and not someone else, the tears started to role down his face and all he could say was thank you Lord, thank you Lord, thank you.

At this we gave him Books No1, 2, 3, and told him to go to the hospital and Let Jesus do to his wife what He has just done for you.

This is just a short testimony about the power the Gospel of the water and the Spirit can have on someone when the ground has been properly prepared.

Here we would like to thank Rev. Paul C. Jong for all the work he has done through his writings on the Gospel of the water and the Spirit, and to all his coworkers for helping us to do what we have just done to help this man and his wife get into the kingdom of God. All the glory goes to God, Amen!

Pastor Jim & Sister Jenny Montgomerie, Holland

The New Life Mission

Holland Branch