Pastor: Jorge Denegri, Mexico

[4/9 8:19 p. m.] ❤️LO DE DIOS ❤️ PERMANECE❤️: May the peace and blessings of God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ be with your life and your family.

Maybe you haven't received a letter like this in a long time. But I am writing you this letter from the Bible, knowing that by reading it you will receive a personal Word from your Heavenly Father who loves you with all his might and wants to speak to you to strengthen and bless you.

 For he has given you all kinds of spiritual blessings in heaven through your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

He wants to bless you in this way because he chose you out of love before the creation of the world to be part of his family.

Among billions of people, he fixed his eyes on you and his heart rejoices when he sees you happy.

 You need to live each day knowing that, your Eternal Father is filled with joy when he sees you being happy with your loved ones.

What's more, because of his love for you, God decided to adopt you as his son / daughter through Jesus Christ. That was what He had planned and He was glad to do it.

Our Lord chose you to honor him for his great love, which he gave you freely through the gospel of water and the Spirit, at the baptism of his beloved Son.

[4/9 8:22 p. m.] ❤️LO DE DIOS ❤️ PERMANECE❤️: The blood that Christ shed in his death paid for the sin of humanity that he assumed when he was baptized by John the Baptist and thus rescued us to free us from the slavery of sin. That is, God is so generous that he forgave all our faults, which is why we no longer have sin, and abundantly showed us his goodness. Today our souls can feel rest, because that heavy burden that took your happiness no longer exists, because Jesus took all your burden and forgave you, in his glorious baptism in water, thus fulfilling all justice. Hallelujah With complete wisdom and understanding God has made known to us his secret plan. Yes, secret, just like you read me. Since for the world the gospel of water and spirit is madness, but for us who have believed it is power and salvation. And this was precisely what God willingly wanted to do through the gospel of the water and the spirit. God's plan, which will be fulfilled in due course, is to bring all that is in heaven and on earth under Christ's command. And there is promise for us. For even when we live difficult times, even when we feel afflicted, we have courage and strength, Our Father has not forgotten us, He has us in his thoughts, He never forgets who we are. And the Power of God has no limits, no problem is greater than his Power. For God acts in such a way that everything that happens in our lives goes according to his will. Through Christ, God put the seal of the Holy Spirit that He had promised you. The Spirit is an advance that gives you as a guarantee that you will receive in heaven all that his Word has taught us. And even as long as we are in this world, everything will work out for the good because we can live confident in his love for us. My brothers and fellow servants of the Most High God, we will persevere in the faith of our gospel of water and of the spirit And let's move on God bless you Sincerely from Mexico Pastor: Jorge Denegri