Oluchukwu Madumere Abbey, Ghana |

A gospel song by Oluchukwu Madumere Abbey, Ghana

He came with water and blood

Jesus took our sins in His baptism in the River Jordan through John

And pour it on the Cross through His blood

As God is searching for one baptism,

An antidote for our salvation

God bless

That gospel of water and Spirit Brother, ah aah!

That gospel word of water from Jesus

For you and I oh, to be saved,

Aah aah, in the new way

Ei ei ei yaa, aahh, eeii ooyaah

And Spiriiiit..... (From the back vocals)

That gospel that drives away demons from our hearts

That gospel that reveals Jesus, sinner heart

To bear our sin o, from His baptism to His Cross

Oh oh, oh oh oh ei yah, ah ah aah aah, oh yah

Water aaaah (From the back vocals)

What design for you and I for our true salvation

Spiriiiiiit (From the back vocals)

What design His Word true gospel was the water

That you and I yah, will believe and live

Oh oh, ei ei yah, ah ah, ooh ooh, ei yah

And now weeeee (From the back vocals)

Men have gone away from this world my brother ah ah,

So many are now in hell fire

They are crying to God to have second chance again

But no way

You have to know that no repentance in thy grave after death

Please God have mercy (Fro the back vocals)

They all missed eternal life for missing that true gospel

Ignorance is never excuse my brother

Why not take you that resilight to the hair (Note: I did not understand what she meant by this)

You still have opportunity to turn to gospel

Gospel word of water and Spirit

Ei ei, aah aah, oh yah, oye yei aah, oh oh, aah aah, ei yaah!

Spiriiiit (from the back vocals)

If you miss that gospel word of water and the Spirit brother

When you die you will see that you have missed that way ooh

Eternal life from God to another way

Water aaaah (From the back vocals)

People believe that blood but they don’t believe

That water And Bible say, He came ooh,

With water ooh, and with blood

Aah aah, ah aah, oo ei yah, aah aah, ah aah, yei aah!

Uuu wee (From the back vocals)

People believe that blood that Cross of Jesus Christ

But they don’t believe that baptism Jesus received from John’s baptism

Jordan, for the sins, which is the water oh

The one baptism, one God oh

One love and one Spirit

One faith to God

Believe oh, and live oh

So you never come in this world just to die oh

And waste oh, ooh,

Ewooh, ei yei aah, aah aah, aah aah

God have mercy (from the back vocals)