Davan Chinyama, Zambia

The relationship Between the Ministry of Jesus and that of John the Baptist.

I want to thank you Pastor Paul C. Jong and the team ofr the work they are doing. Please keep the Gospel burning the in world. Your Books are doing great things in the lives of people around the world.

Today many people or churh Leaders do not talk about the ministry of John the baptist.God made John the Baptist born to Zacharias and his wife so that John would, first of all, inherit the office of the priest on this earth as the representative of mankind who would baptise Jesus, John the baptist was to fulfill the duties of the last priest of the age of the old testement.

We see this man to be the messenge of God the father sent to this earth six months prior to Jesus, at the same time he was the ambassador sent to pass the sins of the world to Jesusand he was God's servent who was to pass all the sins of this world to Jesus by baptising HIM.

John the baptist played an important ROLE in fulfilling the righteousness of God. As i said that today the work of john is not recognised, i do't know why because this was God's ambassador, messege and servent who was to pass all the sins of this world to Jesus by baptising him.

Every christian before encountering Jesus christ, everyone had sins in his /her heart and was spiritually blind before God.Romans 3: 23. We had not known the true gospel of water and the spirit, nor understand who Jesus really was, and we all had been unaware of our sins and our fatal consequence owing to these sins. And we had no interest in the true gospel word of water and the spirit, the truth of salvation that Jesus has given us.

It is true that many people have now head the powerful gospel word of water and the spirit, and by placing their faith in the gospel word, their spiritually eyes have been opened and they have discovered the truth that enables them to be saved from all their sins. Matthew 11: 1-14. Those who know and believe in this genuine gospel have now discovered the truth of the remassion of sin that they had not know before. Their eyes have been opened, and they have come to do the work of God.

To the New life mission i say may the Lord of lords bless you all for the work that you are donig by giving(Books) the free gospel to the world.