Roshan Rai, Bhutan

The TABERNACLE: A Detailed Portrait of Jesus Christ II

The TABERNACLE: A Detailed Portrait of Jesus Christ II

Greeting to all in the name of The Holy Trinity.

This is in continuation to my previous book review on the above subject part II. 

Today (22.07.2007) I have completed the part II of the above subject and The Lord has blessed me with abundant blessing of the Gospel of Water & Spirit. 

The Holy Spirit in me has already revealed and guaranteed that only The Gospel of Water & Spirit is the real and true Gospel which is already in the mind of The Holy Trinity in The Old Testament, when God gave Israelites The Tabernacle for the remission of their sins and to enter the kingdom of God which is fulfilled as per the promise of God to all the mankind that their Messiah will come and save them from their sins and He shall be called Jesus Christ. The Tabernacle is the perfect picture of Lord Jesus Christ, the only begotten son of God which came in flesh 2 millennia years ago through the body of virgin Mary through the Holy Ghost and at the age of 30 years old He received His Baptism (Blue thread) from the hand of John The Baptist where He shouldered all our sins (The sins of the world) and the just and holy law of God found Him wanting and for that reasons He walked to the Cross of Calvary (The Scarlet Thread) and with His precious blood He paid all the wages of sins and died, He was buried and after three days resurrected (The Purple Thread) and testified for 40 days to His disciples and after that ascended to Heaven whence He came and now sits at the right side of The God, The Father and all the authority, principles, & power has been bestowed on Him and He will come second time to judge the world. And Lord Jesus Christ fulfilled all the promises of The Old Testament in The New Testament and thus the fine woven white linen between The Old Testament & The New Testament and also the promise of the prophet “Isa 1:18  Come now, and let us reason together, saith the LORD: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool.” Has been fulfilled making our sins which is red like crimson to white like fine woven white linen by His Ministry of Blue, Purple, & Scarlet Thread and Fine Woven linen. 

My answer to the breaking of bread and passing of win during The Holy Communion has also been clearly answered because when I didn’t know much about The Gospel of Water & Spirit before, I did grasp the wine part of The Holy Communion that it is The Blood of Lord Jesus Christ which paid the wages of sins but the flesh part (bread) I had some doubt what it really meant but after going through this book I have been able to understand the flesh part that it is non other than the flesh of Lord Jesus Christ where He shouldered all the sins of the world through His Baptism and I now can participate with much faith and understanding and also much blessing.  

I am confirmed and much blessed to know that there is only one true Gospel and it is The Gospel of Water & Spirit and I owe all the gratitude to all NLM staffs and Rev. Paul C. Jong for this wonderful blessing in the form of literatures at this end time and now I behold that the answer to my prayer to God has been answered because long time ago I have been longing to serve the True Gospel and wanted only to know the absolute truth on God if He really exists and indeed I now behold that He does exist in the form of The Trinity and there is only one perfect gift to all mankind from The Holy Trinity and that is The Gospel of Water & Spirit which Lord Jesus Christ fulfilled in the from of Blue, Scarlet and Purple Threads and Fine woven linen. 

May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ and all the promises and gift promised be bestowed on all of us, to all the believer of The Gospel of Water & Spirit. Amen. 

Your brother in Christ

Roshan Rai