Samuel Akpabio, United Kingdom

The Elementary Priciples of CHRIST, Chapter 1

In Believing Who our God is , we must do it according to what the God of truth says in the Bible because the Bible is the word of God, for God the Holy Spirit inspired the Apostles to  write the word of Truth for the mankind to know the truth.

Consider the NAME OF GOD:

And God said unto Moses, " I AM that I AM: and he said, Thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel, I AM hath sent me unto you."; Ex.3:14.

The common name by which God reveals Himself to the mankind is 'YAHWEH'. The Jewish people held the name of God as a Sacred name and were very careful to invoke the name of God. The Jews gave great respect to the name of God; they later gave the name of God as 'ADONAI'. THE meaning of the name is 'Lord Of All'.

The name Adonai reveals the character of God as:-

1      One that exists.

2      One that is the Lord of Life.


3      One that always was, always is; and will exist for ever by Himself.

Believers ought to confess God; the Father, the son and the Holy Spirit.

The name of the son of God the Father is Jesus Christ; this name 'Jesus Christ' means; " He who saves his people from their sins."


The Apostles' faith is the unadulterated that should have been handed down to us sufficiently after their deaths in written text; but are contained in the Epistles to the church of the true God, hence we are struggling to share and spread their faith. The Apostles' creed was made after the passing of Apostolic Age; it is the statement of the appostles' faith recorded by the generation after them. It is the faith in the works of the Father, the son and the Holy Spirit. Believers who are baptised must have the faith that confesses the following beliefs:-

1   that Jesus' baptism has cleansed all of our sins.

2   that through the blood of Jesus on the cross, all our sins were accordingly judged.

3   that Jesus was sent by His father as the saviour of sinners.

Therefore when we believe that we are redeemed by the baptism of Jesus  and his blood of the cross we receive the Holy Spirit from God.

However, before a believer could be baptized, the following questions must each be answered with a 'YES'and confessions of each made with the mouth the words of the the questions.

1   " Do you believe that when Jesus was baptized by John all your sins were placed uopn his shoulder instead."

2   " Do you then believe that Jesus having shouldered your sins, by being baptized by John, shed His blood on the cross? Those who answered 'YES' and confessed with the mouth the words of the above questions were baptized in the name of the Father,and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

Believers must place their faith in the Triune God by confessing with the mouth; " I believe in God, the Father Almighty, creator of Heaven and earth." The Apostles only baptized those who confessed the above as their faith, in the name of the Father and of the son, and of the Holy Spirit. The true christian faith was granted to those who believed in the gospel of the water and the Spirit. This is how God's church was built on the foundation of the twelve disciples' faith.


It can be found in the Edict of Milan of 313 A.D. signed by the Roman Emperor Constantine to bring the outlawed true christian faith to the official, state religion of the Roman Empire; which enabled significant and growing interest in christianity among among all Romans. The Apostles' creed provided the standard of faith for young believers who wanted to be part of God's church. The Apostles' creed came into being through those who came into christanity after the Apostolic Age, and was handed down to us by the various religious councils after being compiled and revised; which resulted in it being watered down in today's christianity which is different from the true faith, and needs to be reinterpreted through the faith of the gospel of water and the Spirit. In order to spread this true faith troughout the world it is neccesary to understand and believe how the Lord took the sins of the world upon Himself and make them disappear, and how He has given mankind eternal life.

The difficulties here stems from the fact that there so many religions and deities associated with the various religions, all different from the deity of the christian God. However, the deities of the various religions are of human construction, whilst deity of the christian God exists by Himself. To believe in the christian God, one must abandon all the false gods of the man-made religions. Without abandoning these false gods and deities, believing in God Almighty who created the heaven and the earth, all efforts to serve the true God is fruitless. This religious confusion is caused by lack of the knowledge of the Creator God and His name.

This confusion is evident in Buddhism where they are still worrshipping buruhung in conjunction with the christian God; but there is no benefit in this act of man because there is no true faith in this man-made religion. It is not possible to meet the true God of christianity; God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit if we try to believe in the false gods and the true God of Christianity. Hence in Mongolia we find that christianity is non-ecxistent because of lack of true faith in God of who created the Heaven and earth, the true God of christianity, the Father,the son and the Holy Spirit. we must preach and spread the gospel of water and the Spirit throughout the world in order to enable the world to have the knoeledge of the Triune God, the creator of Heaven and earth so that people do not perish; but to receive everlsting life from God. We cannot serve the true God and man - made gods; because man - made gods are idols which God hates.