Frank Luvanda, Tanzania

My Short Testimony on New Life Mission Swahili Book 1

After reading this book called, "Have You Truly Been Born Again of Water and the Spirit?” my faith and understanding of salvation changed dramatically. For many years I believed in the blood of Jesus Christ alone to be sufficient for salvation and I believed in the Holy Spirit. But I didn't know anything about the significance of baptism water that Jesus Christ received from John the Baptist. So, after reading this book carefully, I realized that Jesus Christ came by water and the blood; and that the water, the blood, and the Holy Spirit are the witnesses (1 John 5: 6-8). This book made it very clear to me that Jesus Christ fulfilled all righteousness by taking away all our sins by His baptism in the Jordan River, and then cleansed us of our sins with His holy blood that He shed on the cross (Romans 5:18); and so he reconciled us to God. By this firm belief, that Jesus Christ came by the blood, the water, and the Spirit; then I have confidence to say that I am set free from sin. This is the right faith that has given me peace in my spiritual life. I now confess this belief, and continue to preach the gospel of the water and the Spirit so that more people can be truly born again of water and of the Spirit.