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Cortul și Apocalipsa lui Ioan

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Carte tipărită abolut GRATUITă
- Ediția nr. 49 în limba Engleză


- Sermons on the Gospel of Luke(VI)



We are the Messengers of the Will of God.


It is Jesus Christ who moves all the history of this world. Our Lord came to this earth to save us all humans from the sins of the world, and He has also become the bread of new life for those of us who believe in the gospel of the water and the Spirit. In fact, it was to give this new life to us, who were all destined to hell for our sins, that our Lord came looking for you and me. The purpose for which our Lord came to us was to bestow new life for all those who believe in the gospel of the water and the Spirit. By this gift of grace, we have been able to be saved. Our Lord did not come to this earth for any other purpose, but only to save us, who were made in the image of God, from the sins of the world. Indeed, there was only one purpose for which our Lord came to this earth. It was to give new life to you and me, who were all corrupted by sin and therefore doomed to be condemned and destroyed forever for our sins.

From The Publisher

In fact, our Lord actually knew all about the weaknesses and inadequacies of every human being, and that is why He Himself personally came to this earth to save everyone from all iniquities. In other words, God is the Savior who came to deliver us from all our sins knowing just how weak and insufficient we all are, and how we are utterly incapable of keeping His Law. Jesus Christ was the Shepherd of mankind who had compassion for us and was pleased to save us. That is why our Lord bore all our sins on His own body through the baptism He received from John the Baptist, and while bearing all these sins of the world, He was crucified to be offered as our propitiation of atonement.
Now, realizing the purpose for which the Lord came to this earth, all of us should answer His love by believing in the gospel of the water and the Spirit, which is His love and His method of salvation. As such, on this Christmas, let us all give thanks to the Lord with the full understanding of its real meaning.

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