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Cortul și Apocalipsa lui Ioan

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Carte tipărită abolut GRATUITă
- Ediția nr. 33 în limba Engleză


The Lord's Prayer: Misinterpretations and Truth
- Sermons on the Lord's Prayer


Table of Contents


What Is the Gospel of the Water and the Spirit Written in the Bible? (Matthew 3:13-17)
"Our Father in Heaven Hallowed Be Your Name" (Matthew 6:9)
Workers Who Build The Kingdom of God on This Earth (Matthew 6:10)
"Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread" (Matthew 6:11)
Forgive Each Other's Weaknesses (Matthew 6:12)
We Must Not Live a Life Chasing Only after the Desires of the Flesh (Matthew 6:13)
We Should Be Delivered from Such Evil Rather Than Fall into It (Matthew 6:13)
The Millennial Kingdom Awaits the Righteous (Matthew 6:10)

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