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  • GOD's Answer
    John Elmer S. Baticuang Jr.
    • Intro.  My message would take short only.  When I was applying as coworker of The New Life Mission, I kept on praying to the LORD to give me a sign if He really wants me to serve Him in spreading His Word & discipling people.  One day, a day which I did not expect, when I viewed my e-mail add., I've had a message from The New Life Mission saying that my application in becoming their coworker has been granted. I was really so happy that time. I knew that it was already the answer of the LORD to my prayers. That's why, even I'm busy with my schooling, I stil
    • Que tipo de semente estamos semeando?
      Não erreis: Deus não se deixa escarnecer; porque TUDO O QUE O HOMEM SEMEAR, ISSO TAMBÉM CEIFARÁ. Porque o que semeia na sua carne, da carne ceifará a corrupção; mas o que semeia no Espírito, do Espírito ceifará a vida eterna. E não nos cansemos de fazer bem, porque a seu tempo ceifaremos, se não houvermos desfalecido. Então, enquanto temos tempo, façamos bem a todos, mas principalmente aos domésticos da fé.  Vede com que grandes letras vos escrevi por minha mão. Todos os
    • El Misterio de la Piedad
      Hno. Bismark Díaz
      TEMA: EL MISTERIO DE LA PIEDAD Mucho se ha hablado acerca de la Piedad, para algunos hombres La Piedad, no es más que el sentimiento de Lástima que debe procurarse para con el necesitado, enfermo o menesteroso, para otros la piedad es el acto de perdonar la ofensa a quien le ha hecho daño ¿pero para nuestro Padre Celestial que significa realmente La Piedad? En el Libro de primera de Timoteo capítulo 3:13 y 14, Pablo orienta a Timoteo a través de la carta, como debe conducirse en la Iglesia, que tiene la verdad en Cristo Jesús. Que es lo que r
    • dire la verité
      ekang benediction felicien
      je suis tres content de recevoir ls enseignements de paul c.jonc car cela ma changer et meme ma femme cest une realitée l'evangile de l'eau et de l'esprit 
    • Todo lo que hay en este Mundo no es Nada.
      Osvaldo Cangas Padilla
      Está escrito: < No améis al mundo, ni las cosas que están en el mundo. Si alguno ama al mundo, el amor del Padre no está en el. Porque todo lo que hay en el mundo, los deseos de la carne, los deseos de los ojos, y la vanagloria de la vida, no proviene del Padre, sino del mundo>  (1 Juan 2, 15-16). ¿Cuál de estas cosas, la fama, la riqueza, el poder, los placeres, el conocimiento, es más valiosa que la vida eterna? La vida eterna es mucho más importante que todas estas cosas. es un regalo de Dios que solo se puede recibir si
    • Know God Personally
      Jerin Rajan
      God bless NLM and all believers. I would like to share an incident of good faith towards God.   Its a been a few years since I started believing in the truth and been reading the book from NLM. During my initial stages of faith development, I realised the truth like all born again saints. I loved reading the books from NLM, really shining out the truth, but my faith used to keep going Up and Down.   Just like the times I was when I was not a born again. The books from NLM and the Word of God kept telling me that God forgave all my Sins. I just needed to believe in baptism and cur
    • Truly, the Holy Spirit is NOT received by the laying on of hands
      Roger Bekono
      On of the many things that have been misleading Christians is that, they rely so much on facts that they place their faith on them. They do things just because Apostles Paul or Peter or John did them, without searching the underlying laws that govern facts. Peter laid hands on people and they received the Holy Spirit (Acts 8:17), therefore they conclude : “The Holy Spirit is received by the laying on of hands. Let us look at these two other facts : Jesus opened someone’s eyes by anointing mud on them (John 9:6), and Paul recovered sight by the laying on of Ananias’s hands
    • The Truth is Available
      Robert Flynn
      Christian books written by godly men are an encouragement to believers across the world. For some, these books, secondary as they are to the study of God's Word, shed a clearer light on the Scriptures, and enable a better understanding of some of the great doctrinal truths contained in Holy Scripture.  Christian books are a study aid, a tool with which to divest God's Word of its' truths and applications to man. With this, Paul C Jong has authored over 55 Christian books which are distributed FREE world wide. The book market has been flooded with erroneous and even dangerou
    • Have you been offering the burnt offering in which God is well pleased?
      Roshan Rai
      Dear Brethrens  Praise the Lord and I greet you all in the name of The Holy Trinity. Hallelujah. It’s been sometimes that God reserved me and now bestowed me this moment to praise His Righteousness as the sweet aroma of burning incense of righteous in which God delights. Amen. Today God granted me these moments to share the wonderful book review on title, “The Difference between Abel’s Faith & Cain Faith- Sermons on Genesis (V).”  So here we go: Gen 4:1  And Adam knew Eve his wife; and she conceived, and bare Cain, and said, I have gott
    • Search my Heart oh Lord
      Robert Flynn
      My basic purpose in "documenting" my personal spiritual understanding (acquired and developed over a long period of time) is simply to express myself, for my own "reflection", and satisfaction.... and to share my thoughts and "conclusions" with those individuals who have and are seeking salvation through the Water and the Spirit. I never "argue" or debate "religious" (spiritual) issues. In certain parts of this website, I am simply expressing and sharing my own personal "deciphering". My purpose was, and is, to spread the word o