Mensajes de los Colaboradores

Ev. James Anthony


Every thing exists for the purpose and the purpose comes from whom causes the existence. Let we discus about the TEN COMMANDMENTS THE God's LAWS: The Bible tells us that the Law was given for the purpose  of the knowledge of sin. In Romans 3:20, says," By the Law is the knowledge of sin.." At first I consider this verse to be merely a person message  to the Apostle Paul and only tried to to believe in the words that I preferred. But after my tears dried up, I couldn'nt cOntinue my religious life on faith.

The Law shows that we are a lump of sin; we have love for money, the opposite sex, we have things that we love more than God. However, remember that the Law was given to us, not to keep, but to recognize ourselves as sinners with evil in our hearts in nature.

The Lawyer mis- understood it as well. He thought that if he obeyed the Law and lived carefuly, he would be blessed before God. But Jesus asked him-What is your reading? he answered according to his legalistics faith. And then Jesus said to man-YES, you are alright but try and keep it. The Lawyer din'nt understand.

Obviously, this Lawyer is like anyone of us,You and me. Probably, we have been christians for many years, tried everything, read everything, did everything, fasting, having illusions, speaking in tongue but sometimes we  do mistakes by trying to live by the Law and forget  that we have being saved by the Water and the Spirit, so we are not blind.

That is why a sinner must meet some one who can open his/her spiritual eyes and that some is Jesus Christ. Then one cane realize that- Aha! We can never keep the Law. No matter how hard we may try to keep the Law, we will only die while desperately trying. Jesus loves us and He came to save us through the Gospel of Water and the Spirit, NOT by keeping the Law.

When we meet Jesus, we graduate from all judgement and damnation. We are the worst sinners, but we became righteous realizing that The Law is for the knowledge of sin, but salvation is only for the Water the blood and the Spirit in Jesus Christ our saiour. Amen.

Veneyard, J.A .Makulla