Mensajes de los Colaboradores

Ev. James Anthony


The Gospel is necessary and important because of the nature of man in relationship to the nature of his/her creator, God. So, Man is Lost: Have you ever thought of how important and necessary is to find a lost child from home? Every society in this wolrd, whether on family, natonalor international level, treasures human life. If some one is missing from home is in danger, which leads all those related to himor her become unhappy or uncomfortable untill such a person is found. The Bible identifies people without The Gospel of Water and the Spirit are Lost. They are lost in sin, meaning they have rebelled against God and doomed to destrction under God's judgement and death.

God Desires to save Peple: Biological fathers, deeply love their children regardless of how the behave or look like. This fact becomes evident, especially when children are in danger. The number of children does not make parents trivialize the inesity of love for their children. A good parent will ever love his/her children despite the size of their number or evil they may commit. God loves people whom He created so much that a biological parent's love for his/her child is just a tiny reflection of God's real love for His own man on his disobedience against God has been provided with a precious gift of eternal life through Christ Jesus. (Rom 6:23)

Time Factors Creates Sense of Urgence: Humanly speaking, people have al the timme to do what they please. Usually, people plan and implement their plans. Unfortunately, such plans often never work out as people  expected them to work. In most cases, peoplr run out of time to finish their well-planed projects. In the same way,the reality of life confirms that people do not have much time to enjoy  in this world. They face danger and uncertainity in the Life. The word is characterized by wars, disease, out breaks, fatalaccidents,suicidal cases, natural disasters, like floods, hurricanes, earthquaks, volcano eruptions etc.

The World is in Deep need of Good News: Usually, prisoners are eager to hear good news about their release from imprisonment. The blind person wiiishes that one day he/she could be able to see all things in their true colors. People whi have been separated from their loved ones for long time  are looking forward to hearing good report about their home comming. The nations or societies under any regimes are longing for freedom. In the same way the whole world  today is desperately in need of the mesage of hope which cannot be found in education, riches, authorities, human fellowship, technologies, rather this hope is found through believing  in the Gospel of Water and the  Spirit. That is why we are responsible to preach the Gospel of Water and the Spirit to the entire world as Jesus Commanded us to do so because God does not take plesure or enjoy any death  of a sinner instead He wills all people to be saved.( Ezekiel 18:23, Luke 15:1ff; John 3;16). 

 May the Lord bless us in the Gospel of Water and the Spirit. 

In Christ,

 J.A. Makulla.