The Tabernacle

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The TABERNACLE : A Detailed Portrait of Jesus Christ (I)

Rev. Paul C. Jong

1. The Salvation of Sinners Revealed in the Tabernacle (Exodus 27:9-21) 
2. Our Lord Who Suffered for Us (Isaiah 52:13-53:9) 
3. Yahweh the Living God (Exodus 34:1-8) 
4. The Reason Why God Called Moses to the Mountain Sinai (Exodus 19:1-6) 
5. How the Israelites Came to Give Offerings in the Tabernacle: The Historical Background (Genesis 15:1-21) 
6. The Promise of God Established in His Covenant of Circumcision Is Still Effective for Us (Genesis 17:1-14) 
7. The Building Materials of the Tabernacle That Laid the Foundation of Faith (Exodus 25:1-9) 
8. The Color of the Gate of the Tabernacle’s Court (Exodus 27:9-19) 
9. The Faith Manifested in the Altar of Burnt Offering (Exodus 27:1-8) 
10. The Faith Manifested in the Laver (Exodus 30:17-21) 
11. Testimonies of Salvation 
How can we find out the truth hidden in the Tabernacle? Only by knowing the gospel of the water and the Spirit, the real substance of the Tabernacle, can we correctly understand and know the answer to this question. In fact, the blue, purple, and scarlet thread and the fine woven linen manifested in the gate of the Tabernacle's court show us the works of Jesus Christ in the New Testament's time that have saved the mankind. In this way, the Old Testament's Word of the Tabernacle and the Word of the New Testament are closely and definitely related to each other, like fine woven linen. But, unfortunately, this truth has been hidden for a long time to every truth seeker in Christianity. Coming to this earth, Jesus Christ was baptized by John and shed His blood on the Cross. Without understanding and believing in the gospel of the water and the Spirit, none of us can ever find out the truth revealed in the Tabernacle. We must now learn this truth of the Tabernacle and believe in it. We all need to realize and believe in the truth manifested in the blue, purple, and scarlet thread and the fine woven linen of the gate of the Tabernacle's court.
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