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Rev. Paul C. Jong

Table of Contents
1. Throw Away Your Thoughts: Get Out of Your Country, from Your Family, and from Your Father’s House (Genesis 12:1-5) 
2. The Faith of the Altar of the Burnt Offering (Genesis 12:1-9) 
3. The Blessings Received through God’s Church (Genesis 12:5-20) 
4. Those Who Stand by Faith (Genesis 12:10-20) 
5. You Should Recognize God’s Church (Genesis 12:10-20) 
6. Place Your Heart in the Land of Canaan (Genesis 13:1-18) 
7. The Lord Is with Those Who Have Set Their Hearts (Genesis 13:1-18) 
8. Walk by the Spirit (Genesis 13:1-18) 
9. Faith Is the Substance of Things Hoped for (Genesis 13:14-18) 
10. Spend Your Wealth for the Lord (Genesis 14:1-24) 
11. We Are God’s Children Consecrated from the World (Genesis 14:1-16) 
12. The Life of Faith Is All about Uniting (Genesis 14:1-24) 
13. Abraham Followed God Instead of the Flesh (Genesis 14:17-24; 15:1) 
14. Abraham’s Faith That Forsook Material Possessions (Genesis 14:17-24; 15:1) 
15. Abraham Truly Was a Great Man (Genesis 14:17-24) 
16. Love God More than the World (Genesis 15:1) 
17. The Same Faith as Abraham’s Faith (Genesis 15:1-6) 
18. The Righteousness That Abraham Received from God (Genesis 15:1-7) 
19. You Must Keep Your Heart Away from Material Greed (Genesis 15:1-7) 
20. Possess the Faith That Abraham Had (Genesis 15:1-21) 
21. The Seed of Salvation by the Word of God (Genesis 15:3-11) 
In the Book of Genesis, the purpose for which God created us is contained. When architects design a building or artists draw a painting, they first conceive the work that would be completed in their minds before they actually begin working on their project. Just like this, our God also had our salvation of mankind in His mind even before He created the heavens and the earth, and He made Adam and Eve with this purpose in mind. And God needed to explain to us the domain of Heaven, which is not seen by our eyes of the flesh, by drawing an analogy to the domain of the earth that we can all see and understand. Even before the foundation of the world, God wanted to save mankind perfectly by giving the gospel of the water and the Spirit to everyone's heart. So although all human beings were made out of dust, they must learn and know the gospel Truth of the water and the Spirit to benefit their own souls. If people continue to live without knowing the dominion of Heaven, they will lose not only the things of the earth, but also everything that belongs to Heaven.
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