The Gospel According to Luke

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Sermons on the Gospel of Luke (IV) - DISCERN THE WILL OF THE LORD IN YOUR LIFE

Rev. Paul C. Jong

Table of Contents
1. Seek Continuously According to the Will of the Lord (Luke 11:1-13) 
2. Ask, Seek, and Knock (Luke 11:9-13) 
3. Woe to You Spiritual Pharisees! (Luke 11:42-54) 
4. Believe in the Gospel of the Water and the Spirit, Not the Leaven of the Pharisees (Luke 12:1-12) 
5. Accept God’s Instruction (Luke 12:1-10) 
6. Even the Rich in Heart Must Definitely Believe in the Gospel of the Water and the Spirit (Luke 12:13-21) 
7. Take Heed and Beware of Covetousness (Luke 12:13-21) 
8. Put Your Heart in the Spiritual Things and Work with Faith (Luke 12:13-34) 
9. Put Your Efforts in Spiritual Work (Luke 12:25-34) 
10. The Faith That Prepares for the Lord’s Return (Luke 12:35-40) 
11. Let’s Wage the Spiritual War (Luke 12:49-53) 
12. We Must Understand God’s Law Correctly (Luke 12:54-59) 
It is Jesus Christ who moves all the history of this world. Our Lord came to this earth to save us all humans from the sins of the world, and He has also become the bread of new life for those of us who believe in the gospel of the water and the Spirit. In fact, it was to give this new life to us, who were all destined to hell for our sins, that our Lord came looking for you and me.
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