[台灣-English] 你真的重生於水和聖靈的福音了嗎?(Ⅱ)-Have you truly been born again of water and the Spirit?(Ⅱ)
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[台灣-English] 你真的重生於水和聖靈的福音了嗎?(Ⅱ)-Have you truly been born again of water and the Spirit?(Ⅱ)

Rev. Paul C. Jong


第一部分: 佈道
6. 藉水,血和聖靈而來的耶穌基督(約翰一書5:1-12)
7. 耶穌的洗禮是拯救罪人的表像(彼得前書3:20-22)    
8. 大量贖罪的福音(約翰福音 13:1-17)
第二部分: 附錄
1. 補充解釋
2. 問與答    

This title`s main subject is "to be born again of Water and the Spirit." It has the originality on the subject. In other words, this book clearly tells us what being born again is and how to be born again of water and the Spirit in strict accordance with the Bible. The water symbolizes the baptism of Jesus at the Jordan and the Bible says that all our sins were passed on to Jesus when He was baptized by John the Baptist. John was the representative of all mankind and a descendant of Aaron the High priest. Aaron laid his hands on the head of the scapegoat and passed all the yearly sins of the Israelites onto it on the Day of Atonement. It is a shadow of the good things to come. The baptism of Jesus is the antitype of the laying on of hands.
 Jesus was baptized in the form of the laying on of hands at the Jordan. So He took away all the sins of the world through His baptism and was crucified to pay for the sins. But most Christians don`t know why Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist in the Jordan. Jesus` baptism is the keyword of this book, and the indispensable part of the Gospel of Water and the Spirit. We can be born again only by believing in the baptism of Jesus and His Cross.
Taiwanese 2: 重歸水和聖靈的福音