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    We get learning from the Holy scriptures about the three worlds since the creation to the restoration . The knowledge remind us how the scenarios was before today and what happened in the past hence we are here today also to remain strong when we get going in the future. Short truth about the the epochs since creation to restoration as follows 1. THE WORLD THAT WAS(THE FIRST WORLD) - It started in creation and it was under the angels rule (2 pet 3:6) and it ended in time of Noah when God destroyed this world (2 pet 3:5-6) 2. THE PRESENT EVIL WORLD - This world started after the destruction of the First World. Noah and his family started to prosper in this world. This 2nd world will end when the kingdom of God to come. This present evil world is characterized by three sessions or periods namely - THE SESSION OF FAITHFUL ANCESTORS, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The session ended after the death of Israel or Jacob. It was the beginning of another session namely - THE SESSION OF JEWS, here we include those twelve children of Jacob. They formed twelve tribes of Israel that we know today. The blessed nation, the chosen nation of God as we get the fact from holy scriptures. Many prophecies came from this nation hence the ascending of the Jesus Christ (Mat. 23:38) and (Psa. 14:7; 17:15). Jesus Christ was the Jew who was being denied by his brethren as not the Messiah of God hence he had got killed. This session ended after the death of our Lord Jesus Christ. It was the beginning of the last session namely - THE GOSPEL AGE, When Jews denied Jesus Christ as the son of God after his shameful death on the cross the gospel started to-be preached in the world people, I'm mean out of the chosen nation of God (Israel). The great event occurred in Pentecost day which was the beginning of the gospel age.(Mat. 28:18-20), (Rev. 2:10) and (Luke 10:1-11). This world which we live today is under the control or rule of devil (John. 8:44; 12:31) and ( 2 pet. 3:7). This session will end in the second advent of Jesus Christ. 3. THE WORLD TO COME( THE LAST WORLD OR THIRD WORLD) - this world will begin after the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ in the millennial age ( Rev. 20:1-5). After that will come the time of fulfilment ( The time without end) Where the present evil world will be destroyed (2 pet. 3:13), ( Eph. 1:10; 2:7), ( Psa. 37:6; 72:7) AMEN

    • Bernardo Jk
    • Tanzania, United Republic of
    • 11/04/202140