About the Author

Rev. Paul C. Jong

As a pastor, Rev. Paul C. Jong had long struggled to find the answer to receiving the remission of sins. His search led him to discover, as revealed in the Word of God, the righteousness of Jesus Christ who came by the gospel of the water and the Spirit. This discovery is what led him to his present ministry. To this very day, Rev. Jong has been dedicating his life to the New Life Mission’s literature ministry, proclaiming the gospel of the water and the Spirit together with his coworkers at the New Life Mission to spread the true gospel throughout the whole world. His books have been translated and published in over 90 languages, and they are now available and read in over 150 countries. Many of his readers are receiving the remission of sins and the Holy Spirit from God thanks to his books, for these books are founded on the true written Word of God. Along with his coworkers around the world, Rev. Jong gives thanks and glory to God for all this wonderful work. Hallelujah!