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    Now is the time for us to spread the gospel through the website.

    Now is the time for us who have been born again of water and the Spirit to spread the gospel through our website. Because people's hearts are becoming hardened, even if we hand out books on the streets or squares, the effect of preaching the gospel is not great. We have to put a lot of content on our website. Let's all prepare together so that our website visitors can read, hear, and see our sermons on our website. Let's make a lot of  videos so that anyone can meet the gospel of water and the Spirit and read our books through the homepage. The participation of all the coworkers is required. Please continue to send me various videos such as book review videos, salvation testimonies videos, and sermon videos. Or post it on YouTube. If your videos are put together one by one, you can get a great advertising effect. In other words, let many people come to The New Life Mission website through your videos and meet the gospel of water and the Spirit.

    • 06/03/20221667
  • No. 5

    What does God want us to do in this day and age?

    This era is coming to an end. Since we are already living in a time of famine which is the age of the black horse according to chapter 6 in Revelation, prices will rise and it will become increasingly difficult for people to live. So many people are hardening their hearts and becoming selfish. Among these, there are lost souls that God has prepared and whose hearts have been prepared. We are preaching the gospel through the website in this age. It is not easy to go out on the street, meet people, talk about the gospel, and distribute books. I want you to work with us to enrich the content of our website. Please make a lot of sermons, book reviews, and testimonial videos in English. About 30,000 people visit our website every day. Let's create various contents and post them on our website so that they can be interested in the gospel of water and the Spirit. This is what God wants us to do in this day and age.

    • 06/01/2022527
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    Book review video

    Dear Coworkers of The New Life Mission,In order to lead more people to read our books through The New Life Mission website (, we ask you to send us a book review video. After reading one of the books, please explain what you learned from the book and recommend it to others in the 5 minutes long video. Your united collaboration will enrich our website and motivate more people to read the books. When you take a video, please film horizontally (wide screen format). And introduce only one book in each video.

    • 05/31/2022377
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    Rev. Paul C. Jong's advice

    It is heartbreaking to see factions divided among some of the co-workers and condemning each other. Below are the words of advice Pastor Jong gave after hearing the news of the co-workers. Where the gospel of water and the Holy Spirit is preached, Satan also works to build parties, fight, and discredit brothers and sisters. There is one God, one Savior, one Church, and one Holy Spirit who works in us. God wants the righteous who believe in the gospel of the water and the Spirit to love each other based on His word and to be together in preaching the gospel.Even after receiving the forgiveness of sins, the co-workers of The New Life Mission are still young in faith and have so much to learn. So, we must study the Word of God centering on Pastor Jong's books and follow the Word. Pastor Jong's books are written by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, and when we read and believe the words in these books, we are guided by the Holy Spirit. Distrusting and condemning each other is not the work of the Holy Spirit, but the work of the devil. So it can be very dangerous to set up a leader yourself among co-workers. Because he too is still in the position of a sheep, learning the Word and following it by faith.If the brethren who were first approved as co-workers do not take your advice, you must wait until they change their minds and follow God's Word. If you also hate those brothers and have a heart to judge them, you are no different from them. Rather, we should pray for them and have the words of waiting. Judgment is with God.All co-workers should study the contents of The New Life Mission books and follow the Word. If you are in a church where there are brothers and sisters who have been born again, you should study the book together at the meeting as advised by Pastor Jong, and share your faith with each other according to the contents of the study. In other words, the books of The New Life Mission should act as a guide. After this, if there is anyone among the brothers in the church who is respected and sets an example in the life of faith, God will set him up as the leader of the church. Until then, we must follow the Word with a heart of loving, forgiving, and learning from one another. Let's follow the Lord centering on the Word, exalt Him, and join us in preaching the gospel. In due time, God will raise up a worthy servant. We must wait and see what God is doing, and now we must follow the Lord with a learning heart.

    • 06/11/2021606
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    Evangelism Resources for Co-workers

    You can download Evangelism Resources for Co-workers. Click the following links to download them.      

    • 05/17/20211082