About Us

The New Life Mission

The New Life Mission is committed to serving the Lord to the best of its abilities, so that through its free Christian books, you may be able to meet Jesus Christ who has come by the water and the Spirit. Founded on the Word of the Scripture, our free Christian books explain with easy clarity the real truth by which human beings can be born of water and the Spirit. We encourage you to read our books, provided in both printed and electronic versions, and find out the truth elucidated in these books. So many people in these times of darkness are thirsting for the Truth. We are looking for, and we want to work with, the soldiers of Christ who can serve as the lighthouse to guide these people to the righteousness of God. Composed of a total of 65 volumes, the New Life Mission’s free Christians books are filled with the Word of God explaining the salvation of mankind, the Christian life, the hope for the Millennial Kingdom and the Kingdom of Heaven, and eternal life. These books are like a field where the treasures of the Kingdom of Heaven are hidden. We want you to discover the precious treasure called the gospel of the water and the Spirit, and to purchase this field by selling all that you have. We want to lead you into the righteousness of Jesus Christ through our books, and we want to do the righteous work together with you in Christ.

With the rise of natural disasters, artificial intelligence, and quantum computing, this world is now hurling even faster to the final destination of destruction like a runaway train. At no time in human history has the world ever seen more rapid changes than it is seeing now. All these things, however, are merely signaling the beginning of disasters and tribulations before the Lord’s return to this earth. Living in times like these, people today have no choice but to lead an even more hectic life tied down to this world, and as a result their hearts are drifting away from God even more. One day, the Antichrist will rise up to stand against God and rule over the world. Therefore, realizing that we are now living in the age of spiritual famine, we must believe in the gospel Word of the water and the Spirit the Lord has given to us, and become His people. All of us living in such an age ought to realize that the New Life Mission is shining the light of salvation. It is pointing out the reason and the right answer as to why you must be saved from all your sins by believing in Jesus Christ.

  • History and Purpose

    Founded in 1991 by Rev. Paul C. Jong, the New Life Mission is a non-profit, independent mission organization. Its aim is to spread the Word of God to everyone all over the world through its literature ministry in various formats. As such, the focus of its ministry rests on publishing and disseminating print books, e-books, and audio books so that everyone and anyone can be born again of water and the Spirit. Headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, the New Life Mission has coworkers in over 90 countries around the world. These coworkers, together with Rev. Jong, have set their goal on building the Kingdom of God.

  • Ministry

    Translation and Publication of Free Christian Books, eBooks and Audiobooks

    Literature ministry is one of the most effective ways to spread the gospel around the world. Accordingly, we have published Rev. Paul C. Jong’s Christian Book Series into over 90 major languages, and we continue to work hard to lead even more souls into the righteousness of the Lord. We would like you to consider joining our ministry as a translator and/or proofreader. If you are interested, please click on the “Sign up to Be a Coworker” button.