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    THE NECESITY OF JOHNS TESTIMONYGod the father sent his son Jesus Christ to this earth in the image of a man, and made Him fulfil His priestly duties as the high priest. To save us humans, God the father sent His son to this earth, made him accept all the sins of the world onto his body, and put Him to death on the cross. God sent His son to this earth to blot out our sins and Jesus came to save us by sacrificing His body in obedience to the will of God. It is written “Permit it to be so now for thus its fitting to fulfill all righteousness” then he allowed Him.[Mathew 3:15] When He had been baptized, Jesus came up from the water, and behold the Heavens were opened to Him. As Jesus explained that it was thus fitting for him and John the Baptist to fulfill all righteousness, John permitted this and baptized Him.The place where Jesus was baptized is the Jordan River. Formal baptism is received in a place where someone is completely submerged in water. Baptism is received in the same way as the laying of hands. A priest would lay hands on the head of the person being baptized, submerge him in the water saying I baptize so and so in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit., and then raise him out of the water again. This is called baptism.What then does it mean by baptism of Jesus? Baptism has meaning like to be “washed”, to be “buried “and to be “transferred”. Through the baptism of John the Baptist ¸Jesus accepted all sins. This was Gods promise it was fulfilled exactly as promised when Jesus obeyed the father. Just like in the Old Testament, in the New Testament also, Jesus the sacrificial lamb was baptized by john the Baptist, the representative of mankind. It was through this baptism that Jesus accepted all the sins of the world. It was for thus fitting for him to fulfill all righteousness. In other words it was fitting for Jesus to blot out everyone’s sins with his baptism. Jesus said give me baptism and I will receive it. Pass all the sins of the world to me to make my believers sinless. That’s why Jesus was baptized.One should not stand against this gospel without even knowing the bible properly. Jesus said in the bible “Permit it to be so now for thus it’s fitting for us to fulfill all righteousness”. The word ”thus” here means that Jesus, having come to this world, as the savior accepted all the sins of mankind in this way through baptism by john the Baptist. That’s what the word” thus” means here. The phrase “for thus “is ‘hoo –tos gar” in Greek, which means, “the most fitting” “by this method” and no other means besides this”. For Jesus to shoulder the sins of the world, He had to be baptized by John the Baptist the representative of mankind. Jesus himself had to accept the sins of man human kind. That’s why he said” its fitting for us to fulfil all righteousness The “righteousness” here, which justifies all people by making them sinless, means “justice” or “rightfulness”. This work that Jesus did to make us sinless when he came to this world is the right work. It was to do the right thing that Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist. None other than this was the very first thing that Jesus did when he began his public ministry at the age of thirty [30] that is, accepting all the sins of mankind by being baptized. That’s the meaning of the original text.It is written, when He had been baptized, Jesus came up immediately from the water; and behold the heavens were opened to him, and He saw the spirit of God descending like a dove and alighting upon Him. And suddenly a voice came from heaven saying “this my beloved son in whom I’m well pleased. “it’s said here that when Jesus came out the water after His baptism the gate of heaven were opened, the holy spirit descended like a dove, and God the father said “ This my beloved son in whom I’m well pleased”. In other words God the father was saying, my son has obeyed my will by being baptized by John the Baptist and thus accepting mankind’s sins.” That’s why the father was rejoiced in his heart. It was because of His son that God the father found joy.It is written,” For God so loved the world that He Gave His only begotten son that whoever believes should not perish that have everlasting life”. [John3:16]. The world here refers to all mankind. Like this, God sent his son to this earth and made us sinless by passing all the sins of the world to his son through His baptism. Jesus then carried all our sins to cross, and in our place he was put to shame, stripped off clothes, and whipped forty times minus one. He bore all sufferings and all curses, was crucified, and shed all the blood that was in his heart. That’s how he has saved us. “God so loved the world” means that out of his love for us, God the father sent his only begotten son to this earth, made him be baptized and crucified, resurrected him from death and has thereby saved us perfectly. God has perfectly saved you and me who believe in the baptism of Jesus Christ and his blood on the cross, all those who believe in the meanings that are contained in his righteous acts.GOD BLESS YOU ALL , NkAMUHEBWA AURTHER FROM UGANDA

    • Uganda
    • 06/16/2024330
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    TO LEAD A LIFE FILLED WITH THE SPIRIT To continue living a life filled with the Holy Spirit, we the righteous must hold firm to the Mysterious Knowledge of the Water and the Spirit Preached to us, Have a concrete faith in the will of God before our lives, knowing what we must do now that we are born again of the Water and the Spirit, the core purpose of our Newness of Life, continually denying ourselves(own Thoughts, lust desires) and keep on admitting our nature before the Lord. For we are weak beings, full of weaknesses and shortcomings, but our Lord is Strong, full of Mercy and Love. That it is worthy of us to continue admitting our nature before Him. He is our Reliant, comfort and hiding place in such moments when we fall in our weaknesses and greatest moments of our Spiritual slump. Thus we must hold tight wholly to the Gospel truth of the Water and the Spirit, live by His will with a clear understanding of it, and continuing to portraying this blessed faith in His righteousness daily, rejecting disbelief by continuing to obeying His word of truth of the water, blood and the Spirit and follow it with a humble hearts by our faith, Then we can lead a life filled by the Holy Spirit Amen.

    • Brenda Tembo
    • Zambia
    • 06/14/202475
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    HOPING FOR YOU TO TRULY BE BORN AGAIN OF THE WATER AND THE SPIRIT.May the Grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. To my physical relatives, friends and all the lost souls, I hope and Pray that you may deny yourselves sooner and accept the gospel truth of the water and the Spirit Preached to you by the only true Church of God(The New Life Mission), for we are now living in our end times. How irreversibly sad will it be when you die with sin and guilty intact in my your heart even though you are prophesying to believe in Jesus Christ as your Savior now without been born again of the Water and the Spirit. Truly if you decide to die in this state due to your ignorance and failure to believe in the gospel truth of the Water and the Spirit(John3:5) which is able to resolve all the problems of your sins, just by you coming to believe in the baptism of Jesus Christ where He took away all the sins of the world(Yours and mine alike), His blood shed on the cross where He paid for all the wages of sin(Yours and mine alike) and by His Resurrection through which newness of life is obtained when you believe genuinely with your heart. I hope for you to believe in this truth in detailed as it is written in strictly accordance to the Word of God in both the Old and New Testament only. You must believe in this truth for you to consider yourselves as the Children of God, you must believe in the baptism of Jesus Christ from John, His blood shed on the cross and His resurrection with your hearts as your salvation, for you to claim your true relationship with God. I hope that, you will stop been stubborn and ignorant to this truth of the Water and the Spirit which is able to remove all the sins from your hearts without leaving any spot of sin when you believe with your hearts without any doubt. Please do not disdain the Gospel truth of the Water and the Spirit, without even taking a glance at its detail, Please humble yourselves and hear the Word of Salvation of the Water and the Spirit which will surely give life to your dead souls. Yes You may have all riches, partake all kinds of good food, wear good clothes and live in huge house buildings but all these will never save you from your sins or your guilty conscience. What matters is for you to be born again of the Water, Blood and the Spirit which is the only true word of Salvation. You must know yourself(Mark7:21-23) and accept who you are and admit that if you die in your sins you will surely go to hell. So now is the time to seeking God who is the only Savior(Mathews1:21) and you will find Him by only believing in the gospel truth of the Water and the Spirit which constitutes Jesus’s baptism from John the Baptist (Where took away all the sins of the world), His Blood shed on the cross(Where He paid for all the wages of sins) and by His resurrection(Through which Newness of life is given when you believe). Thereby, become righteous children of God who are perfected once and for all(Hebrews10:14). Hallelujah!!!May God bless His Church!

    • Brenda Tembo
    • Zambia
    • 06/12/202486
  • No. 258


    Peace and Grace belongs to you O Lord my God. Please help me to have a bold faith that will reach me to the end O Lord my God, Faith strong as a Nazarite, faith that portrays the fullness of thy Love O Lord. The faith that spreads thy righteousness to all people regardless their worldly positions and status, Yes Lord, the faith that sees within the heart whether it has sin or not. The faith that will continue to hold on to thy baptism, death and thy resurrection O Lord my God. Help me call out to the lost souls, shouting loud in perseverance; Come you reason with the Lord (Isaiah 1:18) you who are lost and engulfed in your sins, come you meet the Lord who is the only Savior who came by the water of His baptism, blood of His death and by the Spirit His resurrection for you to be cleansed from your sins., and have a privilege to enter the eternal Kingdom of God with pure, blameless hearts Amen.

    • Brenda Tembo
    • Zambia
    • 06/04/2024131
  • No. 257

    Have you read any of our books on the gospel of the water and the Spirit?

    Nigeria is African most populous country, sometimes I feel like the work we are doing is like feeding elephant with an ant. Our task is big, however I believe God will work with His power to bring this gospel of the baptism of Jesus Christ, His blood of the Cross and His resurrection to everyone in Nigeria, and of course to everyone all over the world. Sometimes we receive many requests, but we handle them all because we believe in Jesus Christ who is Almighty and our Shepherd. We are doing everything by faith, I know by daily experience that God walks with me and blesses me every step of the way, He provides everything I need when I need it the most. I believe He will continue to do so in the future. Like this, my heart has become bold like young lion.  Today I`m at the post office, I still have many requests to handle this week.  Anyway have you read any of our books on the gospel of the water and the Spirit? NDUBUISI OKORIE, NIGERIA  

    • Ndubuisi Okorie
    • Nigeria
    • 05/28/2024113