The Revelation

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Rev. Paul C. Jong


1. The Trumpets That Announce the Seven Plagues (Revelation 8:1-13) 
2. Are the Plagues of the Seven Trumpets Literal? 
1. The Plague from the Bottomless Pit (Revelation 9:1-21) 
2. Have Bold Faith in the End Times 
1. Do You Know When the Time of Rapture Is? (Revelation 10:1-11) 
2. Do You Know When the Rapture of the Saints Will Occur? 
1. Who Are the Two Olive Trees and the Two Prophets? (Revelation 11:1-19) 
2. The Salvation of the People of Israel 

1. God’s Church That Will Be Greatly Harmed in the Future (Revelation 12:1-17) 
2. Embrace Your Martyrdom with Bold Faith 

1. The Emergence of the Antichrist (Revelation 13:1-18) 
2. The Appearance of the Antichrist 

1. The Praise of the Resurrected and Raptured Martyrs (Revelation 14:1-20) 
2. How Should the Saints React to the Appearance of the Antichrist? 
1. The Saints Who Praise the Lord’s Marvelous Works in the Air (Revelation 15:1-8) 
2. The Division Point of Eternal Destiny 

1. The Beginning of the Plagues of the Seven Bowls (Revelation 16:1-21) 
2. All That You Have to Do before the Pouring of Seven Bowls Is… 

1. The Judgment of the Harlot Who Sits on Many Waters (Revelation 17:1-18) 
2. Concentrate Our Attention on His Will 

1. The World of Babylon Is Fallen (Revelation 18:1-24) 
2. “Come Out of Her, My People, Lest You Receive of Her Plagues” 

1. The Kingdom to Be Reigned by the Omnipotent (Revelation 19:1-21) 
2. Only the Righteous Can Wait in Hope for Christ to Return 

1. The Dragon Will Be Confined to the Bottomless Pit (Revelation 20:1-15) 
2. How Can We Pass from Death to Life? 

1. The Holy City That Descends from Heaven (Revelation 21:1-27) 
2. We Must Have the Kind of Faith That Is Approved by God 
1. New Heaven and Earth, Where the Water of Life Flows (Revelation 22:1-21) 
2. Be Joyful and Strong in the Hope of Glory 

1. Questions & Answers 
Most Christians today believe in the theory of pre-tribulation rapture. Because they believe in this false doctrine teaching them that they would be lifted before the coming of the Great Tribulation of seven years, they are leading idle religious lives steeped in complacency. But the rapture of the saints will occur only after the plagues of the seven trumpets run their course until the sixth plague is all poured-that is, the rapture will happen after the Antichrist emerges amidst global chaos and the born-again saints are martyred, and when the seventh trumpet is blown. It is at this time that Jesus would descend from heaven, and the resurrection and rapture of the born-again saints would occur (1 Thessalonians 4:16-17). On this day, everyone in this world would be standing on a crossroad of his/her eternal fate. The righteous who were born again by believing in the "gospel of the water and the Spirit" will be resurrected and raptured, and thus become heirs to the Millennial Kingdom and the eternal Kingdom of Heaven, but the sinners who were unable to participate in this first resurrection will face the great punishment of the seven bowls poured by God and be cast into the eternal fire of hell. Therefore, you must now come out of all the false doctrines of religions and the lust and confused values of this world, and enter into the true Word of God. I hope and pray that by reading my series on the gospel of the water and the Spirit, you would all be bestowed with the blessing of having all your sins washed away, and of receiving the second coming of our Lord without fear.
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Book Reviews from Readers

  • Is The Age Of The Antichrist,Martyrdom,Rapture And The Millennial Kingdom Coming?
    Samuel Akpabio, United Kingdom

    I have taken to review the Revelation slowly because of my desire to understand it.I have been helped greatly by the Lord through the free gift of the Holy Spirit. I have come to understand that by the end time there shall be a time when the only people that will be left on the earth for destruction shall be those who do not believe in the work of the Lord to have given us the remission of sins.
    In Revelation 18 the Lord tells us that He would destroy the great city Babylon with His great plagues. Who then is Babylon? This Babylon is the Secular world because the secular world has moved away from the things of God and hot after materialism of this world. There is no doubt that the trends in the world now is that of fame, riotous life and the celebreties culture. The world is accelerating towards filthyness and acute desires for the accumulation of wealth and material possessions which is similar to the period of Noah. This means that by the end times this world would become so filthy and sinful before God that He will have no choice but to destroy it even though He created it. This is why He will allow the great apocalyptical plagues that would end the earth.
    The actual reason for the destruction of the earth would be because the world has shed the blood of His prophets and saints. The world has become so filthy and the sins of the world is becoming such that God cannot tolerate it any further. However, we have seen from the Revelation given to John that God has already made the Plan and decided how He will destroy this world and how He will manifest the Kingdom of Christ.He will then renew all things and have His saints reign in His new world.
    The Lord declared to us that Babvylon the great is fallen. This is the word of God and is the truth. We are told that the Kings of the earth have fornicated with the things of the world and lived in luxury, whilst the merchants are busy selling and buying all the things God has placed on this earth, and have lost God Himself in their pursuit of greed. The word of God has helped us to know that God will destroy everything as in the destruction of the first world, but will save His saints as He did Noah and His household. The word of Revelation has revealed to us that God will destroy everything and to leave those who regarded material things with nothing; for they came into this world with nothing and will leave with nothing. Those who have gained their riches by traffiking in the word of God He will destroy. It is important for us believers to know all that we see and have in this world shall be destroyed- even this beautiful world which He created.
    Believers who walk by faith in the gospel of the water and the Spirit should rejoice because we shall participate in the first resurrection ot reign with the Lord on this earth for a thousand years. He will compensate the saints for serving the gospel of the water and the Spirit and for being martyred to defend their faith while on this earth. God will give them authority over ten cities, over five cities, and over two cities, and let them reign for a thousand years, and after this He will also give them the New Heaven and Earth to live for ever. The reason for the destruction of this beautiful is because of rampant sins: He will lay this world to its complete ruin with His plagues.
    It is no use thinking like the unbelievers of this world who claim " surely God will not do this because He is God." The easiest thing one can do to fall away is to refuse to believe God`s word. We must know that all the things which He has promised and revealed shall all come to pass. We must realize the Lord will set up a Kingdom in which there is no sin, for this is the will of God. Our confidence is our faith in the righteousness of God. Even though we have compassion for the lost, we must minister in faith and also with understanding all things in this life shall be laid to ruin because of sins. The serious problem in this world with regards to the speading of the truth is the danger caused by the religious leaders of this world who are using the name of Jesus for profit. We who have received the truth must spread the it without diluting it, for of a truth God will certainly destroy pedlers of false religion which has undermined the truth of God. We must not follow this people even when we enter into serious temptation. We must come out of the practices of this world so that we do not receive of the plagues of this world.
    We must not indulge ourselves in this world that will soon be destroyed. we must not be obsessed with accumulating possession of this world. We must be satisfied with what the Lord has given us, and use them and share them as God pleases. For some of us, we have spent the greater part of our lives believing half truths; therefore there is a need to redeem the times so that we can march forward and grow in the faith. Whatever that we see or hear about in this world, we must regard them as the signs of time and must not allow them to interferre with our faith in the righteousness of God. All these things which we see or hear about must have happened in the times of Noah to the very point which resulted in the destruction of the first world by God. I believe the times are now moving dangerously close to the times of Noah and we need to time to strife for excellence in walking with the Lord. This walk is realy to do with pure faith in the righteousness of God, and not by the human wisdom or of wel-being. So I came across what Pauls wrote about to the Corinthians at the time when there were serious weakness and dilution of faith with the believers in Corinth: 2Cor.6:4-12. We must not be like the False prophets who seek after material possessions and accumulate wealth illicitly, hiding behind the custom confired to them by their religious institutions. I we are in Christ , we are rich, live well and the Lord by faith in His words Heals our diseases. We must realize that behind all the lies of the false prophets are hidden purposes of material exploitation is always present. We are now deep in the ways of Gods to know that both the False prophets who deceive, and those who are deceived shall face the judgment of God according to the scripture.
    Even though the judgment of God in human understanding might appear severe, however, this is in line with the righteousness of God; as we can see in the following chapter of Revelation chapter 19 we see that only the righteous can waite in hope for Christ to return. In this chapter we see Chridst and His glorious Army fighting and overcoming the Army of the Anti-christ, throwing the beast and his servants into the lake of fire alive, killing the rest of the Army of the Anti-christ with the sword of the world coming out of the Lord`s mouth, and finally ending all His battle against the Anti-christ. This review on chapter 19 shall shortly follow.


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