The Tabernacle

The TABERNACLE : A Detailed Portrait of Jesus Christ (I)
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The TABERNACLE : A Detailed Portrait of Jesus Christ (I)

Rev. Paul C. Jong

1. The Salvation of Sinners Revealed in the Tabernacle (Exodus 27:9-21) 
2. Our Lord Who Suffered for Us (Isaiah 52:13-53:9) 
3. Yahweh the Living God (Exodus 34:1-8) 
4. The Reason Why God Called Moses to the Mountain Sinai (Exodus 19:1-6) 
5. How the Israelites Came to Give Offerings in the Tabernacle: The Historical Background (Genesis 15:1-21) 
6. The Promise of God Established in His Covenant of Circumcision Is Still Effective for Us (Genesis 17:1-14) 
7. The Building Materials of the Tabernacle That Laid the Foundation of Faith (Exodus 25:1-9) 
8. The Color of the Gate of the Tabernacle’s Court (Exodus 27:9-19) 
9. The Faith Manifested in the Altar of Burnt Offering (Exodus 27:1-8) 
10. The Faith Manifested in the Laver (Exodus 30:17-21) 
11. Testimonies of Salvation 
How can we find out the truth hidden in the Tabernacle? Only by knowing the gospel of the water and the Spirit, the real substance of the Tabernacle, can we correctly understand and know the answer to this question. In fact, the blue, purple, and scarlet thread and the fine woven linen manifested in the gate of the Tabernacle`s court show us the works of Jesus Christ in the New Testament`s time that have saved the mankind. In this way, the Old Testament`s Word of the Tabernacle and the Word of the New Testament are closely and definitely related to each other, like fine woven linen. But, unfortunately, this truth has been hidden for a long time to every truth seeker in Christianity. Coming to this earth, Jesus Christ was baptized by John and shed His blood on the Cross. Without understanding and believing in the gospel of the water and the Spirit, none of us can ever find out the truth revealed in the Tabernacle. We must now learn this truth of the Tabernacle and believe in it. We all need to realize and believe in the truth manifested in the blue, purple, and scarlet thread and the fine woven linen of the gate of the Tabernacle`s court.
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Book Reviews from Readers

  • The Tabernacle: A detailed portrait of Jesus Christ series (I)
    Aneka Simons, United Kingdom

    This is a review for the book entitled,
    The Tabernacle: A detailed portrait of Jesus Christ series (I)
    by Paul.C.Jong
    Everything in this world that human beings have created, has come into existence because an idea and a plan was first formed in their minds. After this, a blueprint was most likely drawn up and certain steps would have been taken before the final product could be completed.
    If this is the case for humans beings who`s ideas and creations are flawed, how much more so, would God the father have created an intricate plan for our salvation and recorded in the scriptures?
    He definitely would not have sent Jesus to this world to save us from our sins in a haphazard manner.
    Surely, first of all, there would of been a detailed plan as to how Jesus would complete the most important work of all time, that is, saving human beings from all our sins and the judgement of Hell.
    God has indeed shown us through the Old Testament scriptures, exactly how Jesus would come as the Lamb of God who would take away the sin the world.
    Therefore, this book seeks to proclaim the truth as to why the gate of court of the Tabernacle was woven with blue, purple and scarlet thread and the fine woven linen, along with the meanings behind the utensils that were used and the process by which sins were atoned through the sacrificial system.
    However, these mysteries are revealed by God, only to those who`s hearts have been prepared to receive them.
    God reveals this truth to those who fear Him and seek His mercy though the realization that they are sinners who are destined for hell according to God`s Law which says that the wages of sin is death in Romans 6:23.
    Such people have had their self-righteousness broken down and their hearts have been humbled by accepting the just judgement of God for themselves.
    To such people who have become poor in Spirit, God reveals the gospel of the water and the Spirit, foreshadowed in the Tabernacle and blesses them with the remission of their past, present and future sins.
    The mystery of the blue thread used for the gate of the Tabernacles court, foreshadows the truth, that in the New Testament, Jesus would receive His baptism from John the Baptist in order to take upon Himself the sin of the world (Matthew 3:13-15)
    In the sacrificial system, when the Israelites sinned, the high priest would lay his hands on the head of the animal to transfer the peoples sins onto it (Leviticus 16:21).
    This act of the `laying on of hands`, also foreshadows the baptism that Jesus received from John the Baptist to take on our sins (1 Peter 3:21).
    In 1st John chapter 5 verses 6 & 8, the Apostle John states that Jesus came by water, blood and the Spirit. He says that these three bear witness on earth and these three agree as one.
    In like manner we can see that the beautiful gate of the Tabernacle was intricately woven of blue, purple and scarlet thread and fine woven linen. Each colour representing a specific element of Jesus` work for salvation.
    However, because the details of the Tabernacle are not known and preached in mainstream Christianity, many believe that Jesus` blood is the only component needed for salvation. And as a result of this false teaching, the hearts and consciences of many Christians still remain burdened by their sins.
    This is because, Jesus blood, represented by the scarlet thread does not stand alone as the completed works of Christ.
    Just as the tabernacles gate was not woven with only the scarlet thread, but with the blue, purple and scarlet thread along with fine woven linen.
    These specific details that God has recorded in the Bible should not be overlooked or thought of as inconsequential.
    They are written to lead us away from our own thoughts and from man-made religion to the righteousness of the Lord who gave Himself for us in strict accordance to the will of the Father.
    Jesus came to us as the one true God represented by the purple thread. And for those truth-seekers who have faith in the written Word like fine woven linen, after reading this book, will confess that they have believed in God incorrectly all this time.
    But now, having believed in the mysteries of the tabernacle and the sacrificial system, they will know and believe exactly why Jesus was baptized by the high priest John the baptist prior to shedding His blood and dying on the Cross.
    I hope that you will eagerly read this book which delves deep into the Word of God and is revealed to those who desire to worship Him in spirit and in truth.
    By reading this book, you will come to know the detailed plan of salvation that God established in Old Testament and you will thoroughly enjoy seeing how His plan came to fulfilment in the New Testament.
    The Tabernacle teaches us, what the gift of the remission of sin truly is, and as such, the tabernacle itself is the very substance of Jesus Christ.

  • The TABERNACLE: A Detailed Portrait of Jesus Christ (I)
    MUKESH NAG, India

    This book has been written to show that the tabernacle is A Detailed portrait of Jesus Christ who would come to dwell among his people as messiah the perfect savoir. Jesus is a real person and real God fulfilled the requirements of the sacrificial system. He will appear physically to judge those who deny this truth and reward those who believe and proclaim it. Thank you Jesus keep us blessed.

  • The Tabernacle: A dettailed portrait Of Jesus Christ (1)
    Samuel Akpabio, United Kingdom

    I want to bring the review of this series to a conclusion so as to move on. The series on the Tabernacle is the best christian publication I have read which crystalises the truth about the works of Jesus to save the mankind from the bondage of sin. The series has enabled me to see with clear undestanding how the message of the salvation of the Soul should be taught to sinners for them to understand and believe that the Lord has already blotted out all the sins of the mankind for the forgiveness of the sins of all belivers through His baptism, and His death on the cross was for the remission of the sins that are past. This series is teaching us to know this one thing, that without puting our faith on the Baptism of Jesus where sins of the world were passed on to the Lord by John the Baptist by the Laying on of hands would mean that we do not accept the Law of the remission of sins given by the sacrificial system which God gave to Moses for the people of Isreal. This means that the love of God revealled by our Lord Jesus on which the Law hangs would be negated, and we would be regarding God to be a liar (God forbid). Therefore the series has enabled me to see that accepting only the cross of Jesus and prayers of repentance as the basis for our salvation or to gain the born again experience is subtracting and adding to the word of God, and leads to actual sin against God.
    The Altar of burnt offering is of great significance to all believers, because it was the place of judgment and condemnationin which the Israelites were locked in because of their sins. The materials of the Altar of sacrifice were overlaid with bronze signifying judgment. Any Israelite who broke the 613 articles of the Law besides the ten commanments had to offer an unblemished sacrfice for the remission of sin. They had to bring the offering to the altar of sacrifice, placed their hands on the head of the sacrifice before blood was drawn and springled on the four Horns of the Altar and on the offender, with the rest of the blood poured on the ground below the alter of sacrifice. This was the faith that enabled sinners to abide in the camp of the Israelites. All Israelites walked in this faith looking to the time when the Lord would come to fulfil the Law of the remission of Sins. Every sacrifice offered on the Alter of burnt offering was pointing to the Lord Jesus. This Altar of Burnt Offering was given to Moses by God according to Exodus 27:1-8.
    There was another vesel that was placed between the Altar of sacrfice and the Tabernacle of Meeting, the Laver. This Vesel was made of Bronze, again signifying judgment (Exodus 30:17-21. The Laver was filled with water for the priests to wash their hands and feet before entering into the sanctuary to perform their services. The Laver is to help us to believe that we are ceansed of all our sins by believing that our Lord Jesus took our sins once and for all times in the baptism which He received from John the Baptist by the laying on of hands. He not only cleansed us from our past sins, also from our actual sins which we comit daily due to our weaknesses. In the Bible we know that water stands for the word of God. But the most importance of water is the Baptism of Jesus. Eph.5:26 says,"that He might sanctify and cleanse her with the washing of water by the word," and John 15:3 says, "you are already clean because of the word which I have spoken to you."
    Today, I have started again reading Revelation,and was meditating on the words of Jesus to the seven churches in Asia Minor. I came to realize that although these words of our Lord were addressed to the messengers (the Apostles), it is because of what was happenning in those seven churches. It means these words of Jesus was also addressing the end-time churches in our times (Rev.2:1-3:1-22). The Lord commended some of the churches, and also highlighted the errors of some them. IN all He emphasised that they must repent, else He would come quickly and removed their Lampstands (the churches). The churches which did not compromise with the world the Lord encouraged them to hold on to their faith and go through all the tribulations they suffered. I came to the realization that without the faith of Gold given to believers through having faith in the righteousness of God ( the Baptism, the Spirit and the Blood of Jesus) it would be impossible to make it to the end in the face persecution and tribulation.
    I am so thankful to the Lord for raising the Newlife Mission to preach the word of truth to the Nations. I would like also to encourage readers of this review to know that there will great trials that this world will experience of which what we are seeing now is the tip of the icebgerg. Only by walking in the faith of the water and the Spirit can the Helper, the Holy Ghost strenghten believers to abide in the Lord. I recommend believers to do all that is possible to understand the series on the Tabernacle and other series to enable them to stand firm in the faith of the righteousness of God.
    The Lord Jesus is our perfect Saviour who came to fulfil all the righteousness of God for the mankind. We must have faith in the three works of Jesus and in the word of God to be saved from condemnation. He is the One who came by Water and Blood.A-men.


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