The Gospel According to Matthew

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English 12


Rev. Paul C. Jong

Table of Contents
1. The Genealogy of Jesus Christ (Matthew 1:1-6) 
2. Let’s Give Thanks to Our Lord Jesus Who Came to Save Us (Matthew 1:18-25)
3. Jesus Who Was Conceived by the Holy Spirit (Matthew 1:18-25) 
1. Where Can We Meet the Lord Properly? (Matthew 2:1-12) 
1. Spread the True Gospel and Jesus’ Righteous Deed (Matthew 3:1-17) 
2. Jesus Who Came to Blot Out Your Sins (Matthew 3:13-17) 
1. Blessing Is Fearing God and Serving God (Matthew 4:1-11) 
1. The Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5:1-16) 
1. The Lord’s Teaching on Prayer (1) (Matthew 6:1-15) 
2. The Lord’s Teaching on Prayer (2) (Matthew 6:5-15) 
3. Live with Your Hearts on the Lord (Matthew 6:21-23) 
4. Do Not Worry about Your Life, But Trust Only in God (Matthew 6:25-34) 
5. Sufficient for the Day Is Its Own Trouble (Matthew 6:34) 
1. By Believing in the Power of the Gospel, We Must Enter by the Narrow Gate (Matthew 7:13-14) 
2. What Shall We Do If We Were Forsaken by the Lord on the Last Day? (Matthew 7:21-23) 
3. Faith That Can Do the Will of God the Father (Matthew 7:20-27) 
4. We Can Enter Heaven Only When We Know the Will of the Father and Believe in It (Matthew 7:21-27) 
5. Beware of False Prophets Who Are Only after Your Money (Matthew 7:13-27) 
1. The Healing of Spiritual Lepers (Matthew 8:1-4) 
2. “Only Speak a Word” (Matthew 8:5-10) 
3. Follow the Lord First (Matthew 8:18-22) 
The Apostle Matthew is telling us that the Word of Jesus was spoken to everyone in this world, for he saw Jesus as the King of kings. Now, Christians throughout the world, who have just been born again by believing in the gospel of the water and the Spirit that we are spreading, are indeed yearning to feed on the bread of life. But it is difficult for them to have fellowship with us in the true gospel, for they are all far away from us. Therefore, to meet the spiritual needs of these people of Jesus Christ, the King of kings, the sermons in this book have been prepared as new bread of life for them to nourish their spiritual growth. The author proclaims that those who have received the remission of their sins by believing in the Word of Jesus Christ, the King of kings, must feed on His pure Word in order to defend their faith and sustain their spiritual lives. This book will provide the real spiritual bread of life to all of you who have become the royal people of the King by faith. Through His Church and servants, God will continue to provide you with this bread of life. May God`s blessings be on all of you who have been born again of water and the Spirit, who desire to have true spiritual fellowship with us in Jesus Christ.
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Book Reviews from Readers

  • book 12 - When can a Christian have an intimate conversation with the Lord?
    Bryan Rowe, United Kingdom

    I have been reading book 12 and it so very challenging.
    what does our fruit show. does our belief in the the Gospel of the water and the spirit show in our life by the actions we do.
    do we truely show people the true way of salvation.
    i pray that God will direct my paths to show people the truth of the bible and how they can be truely born again by beliving in the Gospel of the water and the spirit.

  • You are great heroes
    Daniel Turikumwe, Rwanda

    It was really good to read the book"HOW CAN A CHRISTIAN HAVE AN INTIMATE CONVERSATION WITH THE LORD" It touched my heart and gave it to other students in my campus and they have changed, now the gospel of water and spirit is leading them and working within their lives.

  • Spiritual Growth series 1. The Gospel of Matthew Chapter 1-4
    Aneka Simons, United Kingdom

    Paul C.Jong’s Spiritual Growth Series 1
    The Gospel of Matthew (I) Chapter 1-5
    The gospel of Matthew reveals the righteousness of God that has saved all sinners. Once sinners realize the truth and throw away their emotion based faith, their hearts will be filled with the gospel of the Water and the Spirit which is the true blessing from God, for all people.
    To become a part of the genealogy of Jesus Christ, we need to believe in His salvation. God sent His only begotten Son to this world to save us according to His covenant so that we, who were born in the darkness of sin, can become a part of the genealogy of Jesus Christ by having the same faith as those to whom the covenant was promised. ‘Abraham, our father of faith, believed in God’s Word in its entirety & hoped for what was impossible by human logic. This is the faith that pleases God. The faith that allows sinners to become righteous is the faith that trusts in the gospel of the water & the Spirit just as it is.
    God sent Jesus to have Him bear upon His body the sin of the world through His baptism in order to cleanse our hearts as white as snow and to open the door to the kingdom of heaven. We become righteous by accepting the word in our hearts.’Let’s give thanks to our lord Jesus who came to save us. I give thanks that our Lord shown us our sinful and insufficient nature and saved us from a life of deception and spiritual death. I thank God that I can see myself by His Word & see His righteousness that saved me. ‘Anytime we see in the Lord, we can be faithful to the command, ‘Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, in everything give thanks’ (1 Thessalonians 5:16, 17, 18).
    ‘Jesus who was conceived by the Holy Spirit was born to save His people from their sins. The birth of Jesus was prophesized throughout the Bible, (Micah 5:2, Isaiah 7:14) and came to pass by the work of the Holy Spirit. This is the period of the Holy Spirit who resides within us and makes us to spread the gospel. He helps us to understand the truth, rebukes our sins and guides us to follow Gods will well. He helps us realize what is wrong and reminds us of the Word, the Holy Spirit works through God’s Word. When Mary accepted God’s message, the Holy Spirit gave the ability that made it possible for the baby Jesus to be born. ‘Conceived by the Holy Spirit’ means that the salvation we have is from God, we must know that the Holy Spirit works for those who believe in the written Word of God. When we receive the remission of sins by accepting Jesus, it is not the end, the Holy Spirit reigns over us, teaching and guiding us, He holds our hearts and comforts us. When we spread the gospel to those who have not accepted Jesus, it is the Holy Spirit that works within them, helping them to understand the gospel. As a consequence of this, people receive the remission of sin.’
    Where can we meet the Lord properly? (Matthew 2:1-12) Many people in this world think of Jesus as their Lord only in theory, they try hard to receive salvation but never meet the Saviour because they want to meet Jesus according to their own fixed ideas. Because these people do not follow the Word of God, but rather their own fixed ideas, they are in a state of confusion. In the Bible, the wise men were able to meet the baby Jesus properly because they asked the scribes and the priests and followed the prophesies written in the bible and went to Bethlehem. This is the same as meeting the true Saviour spiritually by knowing the gospel of the Water and the Spirit and believing it.
    Spread the true gospel and Jesus’ righteous deed (Matthew 3:1-17) John the Baptist urged the people of Israel to return to the Word of God, He also rebuked the Pharisees and Sadducees saying, ‘Brood of vipers! Who warned you to flee from the wrath to come?’ John the Baptist was a prophet who did righteous deeds in Gods eyes and was the last prophet of the Old Testament. All prophets should be people who can cry out for the righteous deed of God. John the Baptist cried out for repentance in God and Jesus received baptism from him to accomplish all the righteousness of God by taking on Himself all the sin of the world. (John 1:29) After we receive the remission of sin by believing in the gospel of Jesus’ baptism, blood and resurrection, our lives should be devoted solely to spreading that righteousness of God.
    Jesus who came to blot out your sins (Matthew 3:13-17). Whether or not we can receive the remission of our sins and be born again depends on whether or not we know and believe in Jesus correctly. Through the sacrificial system revealed in the tabernacle, our Lord has revealed to us that He is the Saviour who would fulfil the promise of salvation and He has indeed achieved this. It was by the will of God that John the Baptist baptized Jesus with the spiritual ‘laying on of hands’, in order to pass the sin of the world onto the body of Jesus, the Lamb of God. He then He shed His blood to atone our sins just like the Old Testament`s Sacrificial offerings (Leviticus 1:3-5, 21) Through the baptism of Jesus, the just love of God came to be realized. However, this truth of salvation, the gospel of the Water and the Spirit, is effective only when we truly understand it and believe in it with all our hearts.
    Praise and thanks be to our God.


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