Heretics, Who Followed the Sins of Jeroboam (I)
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Heretics, Who Followed the Sins of Jeroboam (I)

Rev. Paul C. Jong

Table of Contents

1. Who Are Heretics before God? (1 Kings 11:1-13) 
2. Who Are Christians That Believe in Jesus within the Framework of Their Own Fleshly Thinking? (1 Kings 12:25-33) 
3. Following the Desires of the Flesh Will Make You Turn into a Heretic Automatically (1 Kings 12:1-18) 
4. In Which Gospel Do You Now Believe? (1 Kings 13:33-34) 
5. Today’s Christians Who Have Replaced God with Mammon Are Idolaters before God (1 Kings 11:1-13) 
6. How Does God Save Heretics? (1 Kings 19:1-21) 
7. You Must Believe That John the Baptist Is the Representative of All Mankind (Matthew 11:1-19) 
8. Seven Types of People Who Will Be Cursed by God (Matthew 23:1-36) 
9. Heal Bad Water with Salt (2 Kings 2:19-22) 
In the Bible, the people of Israel claim to worship God, but ultimately, following Jeroboam, they were worshipping the golden calves. In fact, more than 2/3 of the history of Israelites was a history of having worshipped the golden calves, thinking them to be God. Ultimately, even now, they continue to go on living without realizing the fact that Jesus Christ, who has come by the gospel of the water and the Spirit, is their true Savior. In spite of it all, there are many Jews who are waiting for their Savior, even now. Then, how is the faith of you who claim to be taking part in Christianity in this New Testament Era? Do you currently believe in and follow God with a proper understanding of Him? If not, aren`t you perhaps worshipping golden calves with a misapprehension of them as God? If you are like that, then you must become aware of the fact that you are worshipping an idol before God like the people of Israel. Then, you must revert back and meet the Lord who has come by the gospel of the water and the Spirit. I am sure that you will be able to believe in the gospel Truth when you truly realize before God what the Truth of the salvation in the gospel of the water and the Spirit is, won`t you? I wish to testify before you the true faith and the Truth under the title, "Heretics, Who Followers the sins of Jeroboam." By all means, I hope you will be a person of the same faith as that of mine.
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