The Gospel According to Luke

Sermons on the Gospel of Luke (VI) - WE ARE THE MESSENGERS OF THE WILL OF GOD
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Sermons on the Gospel of Luke (VI) - WE ARE THE MESSENGERS OF THE WILL OF GOD

Rev. Paul C. Jong

Table of Contents
1. Let Us Believe in the Righteousness of God (Luke 16:19-31) 
2. People with Servant Hearts for God (Luke 16:8-13) 
3. Wisdom of the Steward (Luke 16:1-13) 
4. Is There a Life of the Wise in the Presence of God? (Luke 16:1-13) 
5. This Period Is Like the Days of Noah (Luke 17:26-37) 
6. The Lord Who Changes Sinners into the Righteous (Luke 18:9-14) 
7. The Rich in Heart Cannot Enter the Kingdom of Heaven (Luke 18:18-27) 
8. The Salvation of Zacchaeus the Tax Collector (Luke 19:1-10) 
9. Serving the Gospel of the Water and the Spirit Is the Most Righteous Thing to Do (Luke 19:1-10) 
10. Possess the Mindset Like That of Zacchaeus (Luke 19:1-10) 
11. Acknowledge Your Sins before the Lord (Luke 19:1-10) 
12. The Lord Is the Eternal King (Luke 19:11-27) 
13. Live the Life of a Servant to Preach the Gospel (Luke 19:11-27) 
14. The Servant Who Returned One Mina Didn’t Serve the Lord as His King (Luke 19:11-27) 
It is Jesus Christ who moves all the history of this world. Our Lord came to this earth to save us all humans from the sins of the world, and He has also become the bread of new life for those of us who believe in the gospel of the water and the Spirit. In fact, it was to give this new life to us, who were all destined to hell for our sins, that our Lord came looking for you and me.
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