The Song of Solomon

Sermons on the Song of Solomon (I) - Are You Now Living as the Object of God’s Affection?
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Sermons on the Song of Solomon (I) - Are You Now Living as the Object of God’s Affection?

Rev. Paul C. Jong

1. Have You Kissed the Lord? (Song of Solomon 1:1-17) 
2. Are You Among God’s Beloved? (Song of Solomon 2:1-7) 
3. What Do the Believers in the Gospel of the Water and the Spirit Mean to God? (Song of Solomon 2:1-17) 
4. Let Us Share Fellowship with the Lord in Our Lives (Song of Solomon 3:1-11) 
5. We Are Loved by God (Song of Solomon 4:1-16) 
6. We Must Believe That God Loves Us (Song of Solomon 4:1-16) 
7. With Whom Does the Lord Work? (Song of Solomon 5:1-16) 
8. In Whom Is God Interested in? (Song of Solomon 6:1-13) 
9. God Loves Us as He Loved the Shulamite Woman (Song of Solomon 6:1-4) 
10. We Are God’s Cherished and Honored People (Song of Solomon 6:1-13) 
11. God’s Blessings Belong to Those Who Have United Themselves with God’s Heart (Song of Solomon 7:1-13) 
12. Empty Your Heart Often If You Want to Receive the Lord’s Love (Song of Solomon 7:1-13) 
13. What Do You Need to Live out Your Faith? (Song of Solomon 8:8-14) 
14. How to Lead a Genuine Life of Faith (Song of Solomon 8:1-7) 
Those who have been saved from all their sins by believing in the gospel of the water and the Spirit must know that they can enjoy the Lord`s special love in their lives by serving the Lord`s work of salvation. As a believer in the gospel of the water and the Spirit, I can`t help but confess that throughout all the years that I have served this gospel, the Lord`s special love has always been with me in my ministry. So, I admonish all the others who believe in and preach the righteousness of the Lord to also enjoy His special love in their lives, just as I have. As you begin to read my sermons on the Song of Solomon in this book and ruminate on the Lord`s Word, you will be able to feel His love even more.
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